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Get to know your
sleep, inside out.

Take the mystery out of your sleep by arming yourself with the facts. A clear view of how you really sleep, in real-time, night after night, thanks to reliable, precise data and practical insights.


Sleep measurement? It's all about brains

The only way to get a true measurement of your sleep is by monitoring your physiological data -brain waves, heart rate, respiratory rate- throughout the night. Dreem is making this possible from the comfort of your own home, the first time this method is available outside of a sleep center.

Sleep metrics



16 CPM


Sleep phases


Your personal sleep center

Your sleep is too important to leave to chance or unreliable data. Meet the Dreem headband. 9 sensors. 25 patents. Dozens of clinical trials.

EEG Sensors

Measure your brain activity

Pulse Oxymeter

Measures your heart rate


The algorithms at the heart of the Dreem headband collect and act on your biological measurements real-time. No wifi or bluetooth during the night.


Measures your movement

Bone conduction

No need for headphones for sound only you can hear


Detection of breathing disturbances- COMING SOON


Soft textiles




A series of state-of-the-art sensors measure your brain activity, heart rate, respiratory frequency and movement. This data is stored in the headband's embedded microcomputer during the night.


Enjoy audio features that only you can hear without headphones thanks to the headband's bone conduction technology. The headband's inbuilt microphone detects breathing disturbances (feature coming soon).


Lightweight, soft and flexible, the headband is made of foam and fabric, and adjusts to all head sizes thanks a series of adapters.

What happened last night?

Comb through your hypnogram for all the answers on how your night really went. A full picture of your night, from your sleep stages to the position you slept in.

1 Hypnogram
2 Closer view
1 Night card
2 Night quality

Every morning, another insight

Start the day the right way, with your night card. Here you’ll discover whether you slept enough, if your night was restorative and how it matches up to other nights. The first step in tracking your progress is spotting patterns and external triggers.

You tell us what's up...

Tell us what you think about your sleep, what areas you’d like to work on and how you’re feeling during the day.

Question 4

How often do you travel to different timezones (with a difference of 3 hours or more)?

Question 3

To what extent does your sleep problem impact your daily life?

Question 2

How happy are you with your sleep?

Question 1

How long does it take you to fall asleep during the week?

And we'll tell you what's really going on

Your objective sleep data will complete the picture, giving you a complete sleeper profile that shows the amount of sleep you need to be getting, your sleep deficit, as well as a full view of your nights and their impact on your days.

Hello Paul,

your 1st Sleep Report has arrived!

Finally, progress
you can see

Keep on track with weekly detailed check-ins, created using your precise data. Clearly see how your sleep evolves over time, how it correlates with your days and how it’s impacted by life events and external factors.

...and show off about

Share your nights with a community of sleepers and help each other to stay motivated or indulge in a spot of friendly competition!

Martin - Dreemer since 2018

“Thanks to the night cards and sleep reports, I was able to find a balance between my preconceived ideas and reality. It doesn’t sound like much but it helped me de-dramatize my sleep”

Adam - Dreemer since March 2019

“I’d been to my doctor a few times complaining about a lack of energy but nothing came up… it was a bit of mystery. Thanks to Dreem I finally understood.”

Pascale - Dreemer since June 2019

“I never really had serious sleep problems, but I felt tired a lot. Dreem helped me bust a lot of myths I'd heard about sleep and find the routine that worked for me.“

Discover more user stories

...and a comforting presence

Soft and comfortable, with built-in audio that only you can hear, your headband is there for you night after night.

Understanding your sleep is the first step in improving it.

Now's the time to take action. Let us show you how.