Ultra-progressive technology.
Built for sleep

A sleep solution that monitors, analyzes, and acts on your sleep in real time. With Dreem, you are at the forefront of sleep technology.

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Lab standard accuracy. From the comfort of your bed

In order to truly improve sleep while you’re asleep, you need to start by monitoring and analyzing highly accurate sleep data. Dreem is the only solution that is based on the true measure of sleep, your brain. It’s the first product of its kind that uses innovative sensors and machine algorithm in tandem to help you sleep better.

We use proprietary dry and washable sensors that ensure accuracy and seamless comfort at the same time. The real-time analysis of your sleep data with Dreem makes it one of the most rigorous and grounded sleep monitoring solutions available today.

Impeccable Sleep Analysis. Powered by AI

Dreem automatically analyzes your sleep stages in real-time to act and enhance your sleep. And once you wake up, we process your data on our database with sophisticated machine learning algorithms to provide personalized metrics and AI powered tips that constantly evolve based on your sleeping habits.

When asleep, miniaturized electronics and embedded algorithms work together to analyze and interpret your brain activity and trigger sounds at precise moments. This analysis happens real-time on the headband without using Bluetooth or Wifi connection.

Sleep enhancement that’s safe and sound

Sound plays a key role in helping your brain regulate sleep. The magic of Dreem is rooted in our discovery that specific sequences of sound and audio programs help you enhance your sleep by modulating your brain activity in a non-invasive and safe way. The headband is remarkably effective when it comes to analyzing your brain activity and introducing sound to help with various aspects of your sleep: to help fall asleep faster, get deeper sleep, and wake up refreshed.

We trigger sound with our state of the art bone conduction technology that channels sound directly to your inner ear from your forehead. This way you don’t have to deal with the discomfort of wearing headphones while sleeping or worry about waking up your partner.

Privacy First. Safety Foremost

We’ve taken great care in making sure that Dreem is safe, non-invasive, and effective. The headband functions without using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals to avoid negative effects of microwave radiation. And since, we use sound to enhance sleep - it’s completely non-invasive and non-addictive.



We understand that your sleep data is intimate and hence, we do everything on our end to protect their security and confidentiality. All your data remains anonymized so that we can drive meaningful studies while maintaining the integrity of your personal information.



All Dreem components are tested, certified, and in compliance to meet international safety certification standards per laws in the EU, U.S., Canada, and U.K. To ensure your safety and meet global technology standards, Dreem has been certified by several entities.


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