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The Dreem Story

In 2014, two engineering students from the École Polytechnique made a discovery. Non-invasive brain stimulations, triggered at specific moments, can enhance the quality of deep sleep. With sleep being one of the biggest healthcare and societal issue of modern times, and sleep problems being poorly covered by existing solutions, they decided to start Dreem. Their mission? Solve the global sleep crisis by developing the first ever reference solution to bad sleep. A solution that is non-invasive, efficient and complete enough to cover every case. Dreem also has a scientific and technical goal- understanding sleep and the brain, in order to develop solutions that can significantly and positively improve our health, well-being and performances.

In the 4.5 years since its foundation, Dreem has filed 25 patents, developed 3 full iterations of the product, hired an international team of 80 experts, developed a research network of 25 laboratories and hospitals, helped thousands of people across the world to solve their sleep issues, and has collected the largest EEG repository in the history, by collecting more than 600,000 nights of data. Along the way, Dreem has raised more than $60M from Laurent Alexandre, Xavier Niel, MAIF, BPI and Johnson & Johnson - the world’s healthcare leader. Dreem has also hired 4 of the most renowned neuroscientists and sleep experts in the world, to support our scientific quest - Emmanuel Mignot (Director of Stanford Sleep Center), Christof Koch (CSO of the Allen Institute for Brain Science), Raphael Heinzer (Director of the CIRS of Lausanne) and Russell Foster (Director of the SCNI of Oxford).

Think of working at Dreem like embarking on a journey with a crew of adventurers. We are sleep pioneers, a team of experts fascinated by science, technology and design. But most importantly we are obsessed by our product and by helping our users. Our fields of expertise encompass sleep research, mechanical engineering, machine learning, electronic design, embedded systems and calculations, testing, ergonomics, development of proprietary applications and software, design, marketing and much more.

We’re interested in how neurotechnology and sleep science can positively impact people’s lives, right now. No matter how much other technologies improve our lives while we’re awake, if we continue to sleep poorly, there will always be a barrier to true health, happiness and performance. That’s why sleep is our sole focus for the next five years.

Everything we do will always be driven by people: us, and the people we help. That’s how we’ll succeed: With a shared history, shared values and one shared goal. The goal? Within five years, we’ll have created a sleep solution that is more effective than anything else on the market. One that can help in 100% of cases of bad sleep. One that becomes the global reference point for sleep solutions. One that will have solve 500 000 cased of bad sleep worldwide.


Dreem is looking for a Director/VP of Product to lead its team of 5 talented product managers and designers. He/she will report directly to the CEO and will work with the product team and alongside the engineering and the marketing team, to define the product vision, roadmap, and execute the ambitious ideas we have. He/she will be a key pillar of the company, and will be part of the top management with the CEO, CMO, CTO, VP Finance, Scientific Director, VP-Engineering-Hardware and Director of Engineering - Software, and will contribute to the definition of the company strategy, goals, and objectives.

The Dreem Product team oversees everything to do with features, solutions and products:

  • The Dreem Band - in collaboration with our industrial design agency and our Hardware Engineering team.
  • The Dreem Techniques & Coach - in collaboration with our Research and Software teams.
  • Potential B2B offers, future products and services.
  • Work in collaboration with the Analytics team and the Customer Care teams.

The Product team’s mission is to:

  • Define the next generation of products and features, based on user feedback, analytics, studies and input from the scientific team.
  • Design product and feature specifications rigorously, and support the engineering team during the development, testing and release stage.
  • Prioritize feature development, define product roadmaps, product strategy and key goals and objectives.
  • Monitor usage and user feedback continuously.

The key missions of the VP- Product will be:

  • Team Development & Organization: Hire the best talents and build a strong organization for the team, by designing and implementing agile and rigorous processes and methods for inventing, specifying and developing new products and new features. The VP-Product will be the metronome for day-to-day product work, and will relentlessly push the team to quickly deliver great features aligned with user needs. The VP-Product should focus on process, team organization, and the management of talents in his/her team.
  • Product Vision: Define and refine the product’s short and long-term vision in collaboration with the CEO and Product team. Establish quarterly objectives and key results, and short to mid-term key priorities.
  • Product & User Culture: Build a strong product and user culture within the whole Dreem team, by communicating on product challenges and priorities. The VP-Product will spend time with the engineering managers and developers to educate on our products and users. The VP-Product will also be in charge of organizing internal product events, bi-annual product retreats, brainstorming sessions with the whole team, and occasional events with our users.
  • Interaction with engineering teams: the VP- Product will work very closely with the Director of Engineering Software and the VP- Engineering Hardware to completely understand all technical aspects, define roadmaps, and support the engineering management in the definition of sprints and squads. The VP-Product will be in charge of specifying the company roadmap.
  • Day-to-day execution: The VP- Product will be assessed on his/her ability to execute quickly and correctly with the team.

Profile needed

  • 5+ years in a product management role in B2C, 9+ years of professional experience.
  • 2+ years managing high-performing teams that exemplify a culture of excellence.
  • A track record of building and delivering products that have scaled, from concept to live (B2C in particular).
  • Ability to completely understand all the technical and scientific aspects of the products.
  • Strong analytical and technical skills with an ability to define, analyze, challenge or be challenged on metrics that measure product success.
  • Exemplary organizational skills to ensure we quickly deliver, with the highest level of quality, the most important product improvements for our users
  • Demonstrated passion for and success in attracting, assessing, hiring and supporting highly skilled candidates.
  • Expertise in modern forms of product planning, customer discovery, product discovery, and product development process.
  • Creative mind, product and design passion, obsessed by design and experience.
  • Ability to channel multiple points-of-view.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Great understanding of the digital health, consumer electronics and healthcare markets.
  • (Optional) Experience in wearable, healthcare/digital health, or consumer electronics products.


Why is great to work @Dreem

  • You will work in startup environnement with a lot of challenge and innovation: no time to boredom,
  • You will have the opportunity to create your own career: fast progression and job switch possible!
  • You will share and learn everyday with world class talents who are experts in their field and passionate about their daily work : let’s participate to our DreemCon (internal technical events),
  • You will kept informed of all progress of the company with weekly and monthly meeting led by the co-founders,
  • You will work in great office in central place and you will collaborate with our teams all over the world (Paris, NYC, Taipei),
  • You will have fun! Thanks to our Happiness Officer who’s organize a lot of events to keep a good atmosphere (breakfast, monthly party, teambuilding,...),
  • You will be invited to the annual summit : last time we went to Marrakech for an amazing summer trip together,
  • You will be lucky to have the Dreem Headband whenever you want.

Bonus: Fitness room, good health cover “Alan”, Gymlib pass, qualitative corporate restaurant “Lecointre Paris”, nap rooms, BSCPE…

Our culture is reflected with a stellar Glassdoor rating : https://www.glassdoor.fr/Avis/Dreem-Avis-E1160223.htm