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Data & Analytics Engineer Intern

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Job description

Dreem has a unique relation to analytics. As a member of the Dreem analytics team, you’ll have the opportunity to work in close relation with nearly all other teams (Product, Marketing, Engineering, Science, Finance).

Dreem’s path and product are unique and to stay successful we rely heavily on data to guide both strategic and day-to-day decisions. Dreem and its users generate large quantities of very diverse data which needs careful and creative analysis to provide these crucial insights. By joining our team you’ll be able to guide decisions, create and implement tools, discover and learn faster than in any other company, all of it fighting one of the most challenging health issue of present times.

As a Data Analyst intern, you’ll have the (rare) opportunity to work on all layers of the analytics stack: preparing and processing data (Data engineering/BI), analyzing data (Data analysis / Data science) and sharing your results with stakeholders (dashboards / presentations / reports).

Since we deal with very varied topics and teams, be prepared to learn a lot on countless topics and dive head-first into complexity. Also, you’ll be able to work on both very rapid projects with instantaneous impact, and longer and deeper explorations and analysis projects.

The Analytics team was created as we sold our very first headbands. Because Dreem is so new, closely understanding our users’ needs and usage has always been a strategic activity. Since its creation, the team has provided insights, tools and training to ensure everyone in the company can leverage data to improve his work.

In addition to “passive” analytics where one looks at normal activity, we also drive many “active” initiatives where we take a more experimentalist approach. Over the years we’ve setup several specialized systems to include our users in product development through large-scale remote tests or targeted feedback collection.


  • Analysis of large and complex datasets to provide relevant and timely insights
  • Contributing to analytics data-ingestion / transformation / processing pipelines
  • Conducting exploratory analysis
  • Share your findings as dashboards, presentation and reports

Profile needed

  • Experience and taste for analyzing complex datasets
  • Python programming (or at least notions of python with expertise in another scientific language like Matlab, Julia or R)
  • Good oral and written communication in English
  • Be a critical thinker


  • Conducted real-world data analysis projects
  • Experience with pandas/numpy
  • Experience with databases (SQL/noSQL)
  • Experience with plotting library (plotly, seaborn, matplotlib)
  • Training in ML / statistics / Computer Science


  • You will work in startup environnement with a lot of challenge and innovation: no time to boredom,
  • You will share and learn everyday with world class talents who are experts in their field and passionate about their daily work
  • You will kept informed of all progress of the company with weekly and monthly meeting led by the co-founders,
  • You will work in great office in central place and you will collaborate with our teams all over the world (Paris, NYC, Taipei)
  • You will be lucky to have the Dreem Headband whenever you want.

Bonus: Gymlib pass, LunchR card, nap rooms, ...

Our culture is reflected with a stellar Glassdoor rating :

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