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CBT-insomnia Expert

New York
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Job description

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is the current first-line treatment for insomnia. CBT-I is traditionally an in-person therapy, which can be a major hurdle for some patients because of the paucity of qualified therapists.

Therefore, efforts have been made to fully automate CBT-I, making digital versions (dCBT-I) available via the internet for self-administration. Nevertheless, such dCBT-I programs suffer from poor compliance and high attrition, partly due to the challenges involved with following the recommended practices (e.g., daily self-reported sleep diaries, sleep restriction, etc.) and the lack of personal support and encouragement.

In this context, Dreem recently developed an automated program based on CBT-I - Dreem Insomnia Therapy (DIT) - intended to address the limitations of currently available dCBT-I programs. DIT is a 6-week implementation of dCBT-I administered via the Dreem mobile application that covers all of the main pillars of traditional CBT-I and also includes several key innovations.

These advancements include personalized goals and feedback enabled by the integration of objective sleep data collected by the Dreem companion headband which, obviates the need for daily self-report sleep diaries; daily (vs. the traditional weekly) content; audio guided and neurofeedback-based relaxation and sleep induction techniques delivered through the Dreem headband using bone conduction to transmit sound; and telehealth calls with CBT-I experts for added encouragement, support, and clarity. However, DIT has never been tested in a controlled clinical trial.


As Expert in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia and as part of the development of the Dreem Insomnia Therapy, you will be at the core of the therapy by helping users going through the therapy. More specifically, in collaboration with the scientific team and under the direction of the Head of Product, your main tasks will be:

  • Provide high quality, innovative, tele-therapy to Dreem users over video/calls conferencing platform.
  • Complete, sign and lock clinical case notes within 24 hours of session.
  • Keep your availability calendar up to date
  • Stay in regular communication with Paris headquarters (checking and responding to emails in a timely fashion).
  • Work with a collaborative care team including product manager and other therapists.
  • Other miscellaneous tasks from time to time.

Profile needed

  • Doctoral or Master’s degree in psychology, or other relevant field
  • A license to practice in good standing.
  • 1+ years experience providing clinical psychotherapy to individuals, couples or families preferred.
  • Willingness and confidence to integrate cutting-edge technology into all aspects of your care.
  • Clinical competence in evidence based practices (CBT)
  • Knowledge of current research to integrate into your practice
  • Familiarity, comfort and confidence with technology - various applications, tech tools, google web-apps, video conferencing, etc. **Tech-savviness is a must**


  • Empower your patients by offering the Dreem app in your practice. Our app is a cohesive tool for patients to manage their symptoms of insomnia. Features include personalized goals and feedback, daily content; audio guided and neurofeedback-based relaxation and sleep induction techniques and telehealth calls with CBT-I experts for added encouragement, support, and clarity.
  • CBTi Training and Dreem Therapy Insomnia Training included.
  • Practice from the comfort of your own home or office, on your schedule.
  • Dreem will handle all the marketing, users acquisition and clinical management overhead. You handle caring for the patients!
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