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Dreem's Cookie Management Policy

Last updated : 21/10/2022


In the Policy, capitalized terms shall have the meanings set forth below, whether written in the singular or plural:

"Application" means the Dreem Coach and Alfin mobile applications downloadable from the App Store and Google Play.

"Cookies" means all types of files created and stored in the browser while browsing the Site or the Application while using it. Cookies can only be read by their issuer. They allow the issuer, during their period of validity, to recognize the terminal concerned each time this terminal accesses digital content containing Cookies from the same issuer. Cookies do not in any case allow the direct identification of the User of the Site.

"Data": refers to personal data, as defined in Article 4 of Regulation No. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016.

"Partner": means any service provider used by Dreem and from which it results in the implementation of one or more Cookies on the User's phone or web browser.

"Policy" : means this document.

"Site" : means any website published and hosted by or on behalf of Dreem.

"User" : means any person of legal age accessing the Site and/or the Application for the purpose of using it.

Identification of the data controller

The data controller is DREEM, which operates the website (the "Website") and the Dreem Coach and Alfin applications (the "Application"), its registered office is located at 34 boulevard des Italiens 75009 PARIS, France.

Purpose of the Policy

This Policy sets forth the terms and conditions for the use of Cookies on the Website and the Application and the treatment of Data that may be collected through such Cookies.

Dreem declares that the Policy complies with French and European legislation on the protection of Personal Data.
Dreem is not responsible for any non-compliance of the Policy with the legal provisions applicable to the User.
Any refusal of the Policy or any new version of it excludes the use of the Website and/or the Application by the User.
The User may, freely and at any time, give or withdraw his consent for cookies, except for the necessary cookies which are mandatory.

Types of cookies

There are different types of cookies. The table below describes the type of cookies used by Dreem and its partners.

Type Presentation and conditions of use Issuer Duration
Necessary cookies These cookies are essential and mandatory to ensure the optimal functioning of our site and applications, navigation and use of the available features and their settings.
They cannot be deactivated.
Without these cookies, we could not provide you with functional access to the website and applications. They allow you to access the various categories, products and services we provide (such as setting your privacy preferences, filling out forms, communicating with our staff).
They make navigation and use of the site and/or the Application more fluid, adapt their presentation by memorizing display preferences, and give the User access to his or her account. These cookies do not store any information that could identify you personally.
First party Cookie :
The lifetime of these cookies does not exceed 6 months.
Audience measurement cookies These cookies collect information about how you use our website. They allow us to determine the number of visits and the sources of traffic, in order to measure and improve the performance of our website. They also help us identify which pages are visited the most and which are visited the least and to evaluate how visitors navigate the website. This allows us to evaluate the relevance of the contents and headings, to reorganize them and to optimize their ergonomics if necessary. They also make it possible to determine the city from which you are connecting.
For this purpose, Dreem uses its own analytical cookie, so this information is only visible to Dreem's staff who justify the need for it.
We will retain your consent for a period of six (6) months.
The lifetime of the cookies will be limited to a period of time that allows for a meaningful comparison of audiences over time, such as thirteen (13) months.
If you do not accept these cookies, we will not be informed of your visit on our site.
As these cookies are not strictly necessary, they are subject to your consent, which you are invited to give or refuse when you first visit our sites. You can then modify your consent at any time in our cookie management tool located on each page of our site.
First party :

Third party :
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The lifetime of these cookies does not exceed 13 months.

Browser settings

The User can configure his browser to disable the saving of Cookies. The way to configure the browser may depend on the terminal and the browser:

In addition, some browsers allow you to install a cookie blocker. Cookie blockers allow the User to determine which Cookies he/she wishes to allow to be installed and/or used. The User is invited to refer to the documentation of the cookie blocker he/she may have installed.

In case of deactivation or blocking of Cookies, technical Cookies may also be blocked, which may prevent or hinder the functioning of the Site.

Elaboration of statistics

Cookies for audience measurement are used to collect Data necessary for the elaboration of statistics and evaluations of the use of the Site, their reliability and their technical performance, such as the number of people who visit the Site and the actions performed (clicking on a button, sending a contact request).

This processing is implemented on the basis of Dreem's legitimate interest in establishing statistics. Before installing Cookies on the Website and/or in the Application, Dreem has checked that this legitimate interest does not affect the rights and interests of the Users. It appeared to Dreem that the use of anonymous information or strictly pseudonymized Data - i.e. not allowing the identification of the persons concerned - and the collection of the Users' prior consent were proportional to Dreem's interest.

The Data collected for statistical purposes are the following: number of people visiting the sites and their actions on the sites (e.g. clicking on a button, sending a contact request).

The User, provided that he/she can be reasonably sure of the link between the Data and him/her, has the following rights

In addition, and provided that the User can be reasonably assured that the Data is linked to him/her, the User may provide Dreem with instructions regarding the retention, deletion and disclosure of his/her Data after his/her death.

If the User considers that Dreem is not complying with its obligations, the User may submit a complaint or request to the competent authority. In France, the competent authority is the CNIL to which you can send an electronic request by clicking on the following link:

The User may exercise his rights with Dreem's data protection officer by any means:

Data Protection Officer
34 Boulevards des Italiens, Paris,

Dreem undertakes to respond to requests within one (1) month from the receipt of a complete request allowing the User's identity to be verified.

Recipients of the Data

The Data collected by means of Cookies may be shared with all or part of their publishers. The installation of Cookies may result in the transfer of all or part of the Data outside the European Union. The following list defines the identity of the data recipients, the address at which their cookie management policy can be consulted and the framework for transfers outside the EU, if any.

Issuer Cookie Policy Non-EU transfer controls

The User may at any time object to the sharing of Data with any of these recipients by refusing or withdrawing his consent to the installation of the Cookie(s) in question.