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User Stories

Read the real-life experiences of our beloved users who have taken back control of their sleep with the help of Dreem.

Dreem Stories


Dreemer since September 2019


Dreemer since March 2020

“I have been using Dreem2 for almost three weeks and am very impressed. What I found really helpful was the contact and support provided by the Dreem Team. They are there every step of the way inviting questions and answering queries promptly. Although it's early days yet, my sleep pattern has greatly improved and I look forward to regularly getting a good night's sleep. I would recommend Dreem2 to anyone who is prepared to take the advice that is offered. The device alone will not do the job.”.


Dreemer since January 2020

“As a doctor, I’m so impressed with Dreem. The headband is so comfortable and now I have a solid sleep solution to refer to my patients. This device is far superior to any of the wearables on the market. The EEG brain tracking is what sold me! Patients come to me very often with sleep complaints and they typically share the products they are using. I have to disappoint them by saying that a wrist tracker is not able to provide the best data on their sleep because it is not monitoring their brain activity. I can feel confident now that Dreem can accurately provide data to my patients on sleep as well as provide the gold standard treatment of CBT-I. The actionable insights are great for awareness and hygiene. The relaxation techniques are great for helping to fall asleep faster. Thanks for making a product that helps so many suffering!”.

Dreem Stories


Dreemer since September 2019


Dreemer since 2018

“My sleep problems started around 35 years ago when I started working in restaurants. And that rhythm completely puts your biological clock out of sync… you go to sleep late, then I’d have to wake up early to get the kids ready for school. Around the same time, I had a family tragedy… and my sleep got worse. I started taking sleeping pills, and during the day energy pills… it was pretty bad. Not being able to fall asleep, waking up during the night… getting up early and going back to bed. I was completely obsessed with my sleep, I spoke about it to everyone. When I got my first sleep report from Dreem I was surprised to see how bad my sleep really was. And I knew that it was time to do something about it. Dreem then suggested I start a program adapted to my sleep. I found it pretty tough at times but I did see the results. I don’t wake up as much during the night, and if I do I fall back to sleep much quicker. I feel in control of my sleep… not the victim of it. Let me be clear here, Dreem isn’t a magic solution… it teaches you how to sleep again, if you put the work in and follow the program it does pay off”.


Dreemer since February 2020

“I have been using the Dreem for several weeks. Since It measures brain waves directly it is more accurate than other devices on the market. I was happy to find out using Dreem that my deep sleep was longer in duration than measured by another device. The information provided by the Dreem App to obtain better sleep is also beneficial. Sleep is extremely beneficial so don't guess test!”.

Dreem Stories


Dreemer since January 2020


Dreemer since December 2019

“This device has helped me change my life, and fairly dramatically. I’ve identified the behaviours that were hindering my sleep quality, and have also taken some steps on my own to help with deeper sleep. My sleep is deeper, with far fewer interruptions, my time to fall asleep seems much faster and the number of awakenings has majorly decreased.This device is a blessing from God. The only thing I would offer just a slight recommendation about would be the tightness of the headband. However, this has been easily fixed by simply wearing a breathable headband over the Dreem headband itself.”


Dreemer since 2018

“Looking back I’m amazed at how long I just accepted my bad sleep. I felt tired pretty much all the time- I was having more and more difficulty finding my words, remembering stuff. It was actually my sister who bought Dreem for me. Not to sound like a massive cliché but it has changed my life. The whole thing from the sleep reports to the calls with a specialist… I’m so happy to my sister for talking me into it. Now my sleep has improved, I feel more energetic during the day.”

Dreem Stories


Dreemer since January 2020


Dreemer since September 2019

“I’m based in Canada and I first heard about Dreem online, then I waited for it to be available over here. I’ve now been using it for a little over 2 months. Around 20 years ago I went to a sleep clinic so I more or less understand the technology and techniques offered by Dreem, but now I get to use it from home! I live in a relatively remote area so a home clinic and a personal coach is pretty ideal for me. Everyday I get a sleep report, encouraging cards and an idea of how my sleep situation is evolving. When I have a question, I just asked the support team and I get an answer in under 24 hours. I’m currently following the program which is tough, but I know it’s necessary. Then Dreem offered me a call with a psychologist. I got a call from a specialist who talked things through with me, boosted my morale and answered my questions. I can honestly say I’m very satisfied with the results. I’m at 96% sleep quality and I don’t take anti-anxiety meds any more.”


Dreemer since 2018

“Dreem was a real last resort for me, I’d tried everything else. The exercises were tough but I stuck with it, and then I started to see real progress in my weekly check-in reports, and then little by little I started to feel like my old self”


Dreemer since October 2019

“My advice is to just go for it… Don’t wait around, do something now!!! I spent years doing nothing about my sleep, just figured there was nothing I could do about it. I was doing bad at work, I was grumpy with my wife and kids in the evening. The Dreem program changed all that, and if an old stuck-in-his-ways guy like me can follow it, you can!”


Dreemer since October 2019

“Dreem has proven absolutely essential in my quest to understand and navigate sleep issues. I've been wearing the Dreem headband in conjunction with a full-face CPAP, mouthguard, chin strap, cervical collar, and Pulse Oximeter for over 30 days now to effectively have my own nightly sleep lab. (Yes, my sleep is WAY messed up after decades of undiagnosed severe sleep apnea and chronic sleep maintenance insomnia.) This product absolutely oozes with quality and provides deep guidance, encouragement, and most of all RESULTS. If you take your sleep seriously (and you should!) you're missing a vital piece of the puzzle if you don't have Dreem.”


Dreemer since October 2019

“It had gotten to the point where I was stressed about sleep before I’d even gotten home from work which made it harder to fall asleep. Thanks to Dreem’s cognitive exercises, I was able to figure out my triggers and “break the cycle” as they say”


Dreemer since October 2019

“The check-lists that help you set up good sleep habits are great! I love checking things off during the day, I feel like I was getting things done + really making a difference to my sleep.”


Dreemer since June 2019

“I loved having calls with an expert during the program. He listened to what I had to say, my questions and suggested a couple of things. ... started sleeping through the night. Which is a big deal for me! I feel just generally more ON during the day”


Dreemer since April 2019

“I have to admit, by the time I got to my second call with the sleep expert I wasn’t very nice! I felt tired and frustrated with the sleep consolidation exercises. The expert listened to what I was saying, and told me to stick with it, to keep going. Thanks to that call I did stick with it, and thank goodness I did!”


Dreemer since September 2019

“My problem has always been “turning my brain to turn off” when it’s bedtime, I’m always stressing about something. There’s one audio meditation track on the headband that’s been a game-changer for me… I even feel less stressed during the day”


Dreemer since October 2018

“I’ve always been a bad sleeper, and since the birth of my kids it gotten worse and worse. And it had a huge impact on my daily life, my mood and so on. And I was totally at a loss for what to do. I just felt like my sleep was totally in control and i just had to bear it…. what I like about Dreem is that every morning I get a clear, reliable report of my night. I can scroll through and see exactly what happened. It’s helped me to dedramatize the situation, put things into rational context.”


Dreemer since March 2019

“I’d been to my doctor a few times complaining about a lack of energy. He got me to complete a handful of tests but nothing came up… it was a bit of mystery. Thanks to Dreem I finally understood. My nights were fragmented, I realized the difference between the time I was spending in bed versus the time I was actually sleeping”


Dreemer since October 2019

“At first I was really concerned about it- I felt like “my sleep is already super light… what’s it going to be like when I have this thing on my head all night?” and the first few nights I definitely had to adjust to it. But I loved getting my sleep reports straight away and the questionaires asking me about how I think about my sleep. It made me reconsider a lot of preconceived ideas I had… I was blown away by the attention to detail. “


Dreemer since October 2019

“Apart from occasionally waking up with some weird hairstyles (!) I don’t really have any complaints about wearing the headband. I mean my sleep was so bad you’d have told me I had to wear a football helmet to bed to fix it and I would have…but luckily the Dreem headband is MUCH lighter and MUCH more comfortable- I don’t even notice it’s there now.”

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