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Take control of your sleep,
armed with expert support

Break the bad sleep cycle and make lasting change to your sleep. An entire support system at your service 24/7: Science-backed methods tailored to your needs, individual coaching from trained specialists, and an online community.


Kick off with a 1-1 session with a trained expert

No waiting around for an appointment, no need to travel. One of our trained experts will call you at a time that works for you. With your objective sleep data in front of them, they’ll provide you with tailored tips and advice to get you started.

Make bed time
= Sleep time

No more time in bed staring in the ceiling instead of sleeping! Sleep Consolidation is a powerful behavioral technique, recommended by the American College of Physicians and the American Association of Sleep Medicine available to you via your app.

Find out more about Sleep Consolidation

Keep a sleep-only bed- no TV or snacking!

Still can't sleep after 20 minutes in bed? Time to get up.

Try to avoid naps today- you can do it!

Don't go to bed until you feel really sleepy

Wake up at the same time every morning

Real change tailored to you, not generic advice

Bad sleep often goes hand in hand with habits that we don’t even realize are there. Undoing these patterns isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why we’ll provide you with the right actions for you and your sleep specifically, with tailored coaching plan adapted to you.

Calm a racing mind

Learn how to stop those racing thoughts keeping you from falling asleep with biofeedback and a library of relaxation and meditation techniques.

Build a better sleep routine

Become a sleep expert and create and maintain a healthy sleep routine, thanks to your very own sleep masterclass with training and engaging content created with help from the world’s leading sleep specialists.

Keep going, we’ve
got your back

Our team of trained psychologists and certified experts are on hand for a call to talk about how you’re progressing with your program, answer any questions and give you tips and advice.

Understand how you really sleep
Sleep expert:

So Allison, how has the program been going for you since we last spoke?


Ups and downs, if I’m honest. I’m still getting really anxious around bed-time. And I’m not really sure what to do about it…

Sleep expert:

That’s pretty common in sleepers like yourself. I actually have a cognitive exercise that could really help you work through those thoughts…


That would be great!

James - Dreemer since 2018

“I was completely obsessed with my bad sleep. Ask pretty much anyone I know... I didn't understand why I was sleeping badly or what to do about it. The idea of going to bed was stressful for me. Kind of like "Here we go again...". It was pretty much that every night for over 10 years The program helped me “break the cycle” as they say...”

Monica - Dreemer since September 2019

“My sleep was extremely fragmented. I'd wake up several times during the night, for half an hour, an hour... As a result I felt like a zombie most days. At first, I thought the sleep consolidation exercise was completely nuts, and so difficult to stick too. But I spoke it through with an expert over the phone, I managed to stick with it...”

Ed - Dreemer since January 2019

“For 36 years I had zero sleep problems. Then in 2012 I became a Dad. The joys of parenting came with the unfortunate side-effect of forgetting how to sleep. The rhythm, habits and lifestyle choices linked to my sleep went completely out the window. Thanks to Dreem, I was able to recover these...“

Discover more user stories

Teamwork makes the dream work

Get advice from people who’ve been there, connect with experts and pass on your experience in the first online community dedicated to sleep.

Support every step of the way

Reach out to a dedicated support team of Dreem experts, for all of your questions, big or small.


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