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Managing Director US

New York
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Description du poste

The Dreem Story

In 2014, two engineering students from the École Polytechnique made a discovery. Non-invasive brain stimulations, triggered at specific moments, can enhance the quality of deep sleep. With sleep being one of the biggest healthcare and societal issue of modern times, and sleep problems being poorly covered by existing solutions, they decided to start Dreem. Their mission? Solve the global sleep crisis by developing the first ever reference solution to bad sleep. A solution that is non-invasive, efficient and complete enough to cover every case. Dreem also has a scientific and technical goal- understanding sleep and the brain, in order to develop solutions that can significantly and positively improve our health, well-being and performances.

In the 4.5 years since its foundation, Dreem has filed 25 patents, developed 3 full iterations of the product, hired an international team of 80 experts, developed a research network of 25 laboratories and hospitals, helped thousands of people across the world to solve their sleep issues, and has collected the largest EEG repository in the history, by collecting more than 600,000 nights of data. Along the way, Dreem has raised more than $60M from Laurent Alexandre, Xavier Niel, MAIF, BPI and Johnson & Johnson - the world’s healthcare leader. Dreem has also hired 4 of the most renowned neuroscientists and sleep experts in the world, to support our scientific quest - Emmanuel Mignot (Director of Stanford Sleep Center), Christof Koch (CSO of the Allen Institute for Brain Science), Raphael Heinzer (Director of the CIRS of Lausanne) and Russell Foster (Director of the SCNI of Oxford).

Think of working at Dreem like embarking on a journey with a crew of adventurers. We are sleep pioneers, a team of experts fascinated by science, technology and design. But most importantly we are obsessed by our product and by helping our users. Our fields of expertise encompass sleep research, mechanical engineering, machine learning, electronic design, embedded systems and calculations, testing, ergonomics, development of proprietary applications and software, design, marketing and much more.

We’re interested in how neurotechnology and sleep science can positively impact people’s lives, right now. No matter how much other technologies improve our lives while we’re awake, if we continue to sleep poorly, there will always be a barrier to true health, happiness and performance. That’s why sleep is our sole focus for the next five years.

Everything we do will always be driven by people: us, and the people we help. That’s how we’ll succeed: With a shared history, shared values and one shared goal. The goal? Within five years, we’ll have created a sleep solution that is more effective than anything else on the market. One that can help in 100% of cases of bad sleep. One that becomes the global reference point for sleep solutions. One that will have solve 500 000 cased of bad sleep worldwide.

Role and Responsibilities

Reporting to Damien du Chéné, Chief Marketing Officer, the General Manager North America will be responsible for launching and scaling Dreem across North America. This is expected to be an incredibly fruitful market for the company and represents a massive growth opportunity. This executive will lead all aspects of the North American business and will be a key member of the group’s leadership team, including building out a New York-based team.

Dreem currently has a small team of sleep experts and scientists in the United States. This individual will join and be responsible for spearheading the region’s expansion plans by developing business development activities through initial channel partners and enterprise sales opportunities. Substantial ownership will also include strategy, field marketing and communications, sales, operations, while collaborating with the European team. As the defacto leader of the North America business, this role will be instrumental in defining, coordinating and delivering the overall growth of this strategic region.

Specific responsibilities will include :

  • Executive Leadership - Lead and manage day to day activities to achieve growth targets and product expansion. Oversee all functions including strategy, sales, marketing, and operations. Regular updates will be provided to the European team.
  • Strategic Sales Growth - Determine and understand the fundamental drivers of market dynamics in North America and translate this to an actionable strategy for growth. Expand sales nationally and scale highly efficient sales and marketing organizations.
  • Airtight Company Operations - Evaluate and implement operations from the ground up and build, mentor, lead a strong-performing team. Conduct regular planning cycles, optimize current models, identify company priorities in NA and establish reporting.
  • Marketing and PR - Act as the Dreem evangelist for the region by representing the company in top publications and industry events. Establish and grow key partnerships with industry thought leaders. Develop robust communication and marketing strategies to identify promising distribution channels.

Profil recherché

Professional Qualifications

  • Experience launching a consumer or healthcare product
  • Prior exposure to establishing channel distribution strategies in a new market and a track record of success with consumers
  • Entrepreneurial ability with decision making based, start up DNA
  • Strong track record of successfully launching consumer hardware/healthcare products internationally
  • Demonstrated success developing a customer-oriented high-standard operation
  • Proven success as a cultural leader in a fast-paced growth organization preferred; otherwise proven leadership from an established brand which has had to spearhead strategies for new, innovative consumer or healthcare products

Personal Characteristics

  • Passion for designing, scaling, and leading a world-class global organization
  • Aggressive self-starter but humble team player with a collaborative style
  • Creative; ability to market, brand and build relationships around consumer product
  • High level of integrity and the ethical soundness of a true leader
  • Strategic and can see through complexity
  • Highly operational with strong attention to detail
  • Strong intellectual horsepower as well as E.Q.