Your sleep at the forefront of technology

To improve your sleep, Dreem monitors, analyzes, and acts on your sleep in real time. We do this by embedding our state-of-the-art technology designed for unprecedented accuracy and reliability.

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Measuring your sleep: a technology triumph

Dreem measures your brain activity, the only true standard of sleep. It uses extremely accurate miniaturized EEG sensors, placed at several points of the headband to emulate lab standard accuracy. The recorded data are analyzed in real time.

We include other sensors that also record your movement, heart rate, and breathing frequency. These parameters are not accurate enough to measure sleep, but they’re useful to detect correlations between your sleep and your body, and thus they increase the overall understanding Dreem has of your sleep.

Sleep analysis powered by ai

Recorded data are analyzed in real time : Dreem embedded machine learning algorithms work in tandem with your brain activity to determine your current sleep phase, autonomously and in real time. This is a true technological achievement since this same work is laboriously carried out in specialized sleep centers. When in deep sleep, AI algorithms work to determine precise moments when to trigger sound stimulations in order to improve your deep sleep.

In addition to this classifying various sleep stages, Dreem algorithms have been designed to adapt to your sleep and improve your headband efficiency over time. Finally, they work at aggregating your sleep data and to report them every morning in a personalized way on your Dreem application.

Acting on your sleep : the essence of dreem

The accuracy of Dreem measuring and analyzing capacities serves its main objective: improve the quality of your sleep. Dreem is inspired by a series of scientific discoveries combining sleep and sound: by playing certain sound sequences at specific times, it is possible to modulate cerebral activity and improve the quality of sleep.

To transmit these sounds to your brain without imposing you to wear headphones, Dreem uses a special technology: bone conduction. The sound is propagated, vibrating, from your forehead to your inner ear without passing through your external ears. It can only be heard by you.

Privacy First. Safety Foremost

We’ve taken great care in making sure that Dreem is safe, non-invasive, and effective. The headband functions without using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals to avoid negative effects of microwave radiation. And since, we use sound to enhance sleep - it’s completely non-invasive and non-addictive.



We understand that your sleep data is intimate and hence, we do everything on our end to protect their security and confidentiality. All your data remains anonymized so that we can drive meaningful studies while maintaining the integrity of your personal information.



All Dreem components are tested, certified, and in compliance to meet international safety certification standards per laws in the EU, U.S., Canada, and U.K. To ensure your safety and meet global technology standards, Dreem has been certified by several entities.


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