30 nights trial, money back guarantee
30 nights trial, money back guarantee

Wake Up Refreshed

How you feel in the morning depends largely on the sleep stage during which you wake up. The Dreem Smart Alarm is designed to trigger in light sleep, the optimal sleep stage to effortlessly wake up rested.

Limit fatigue after you wake up

This feeling of fatigue in the hours after waking up is called “sleep inertia”, even after a good night's sleep. Highest after a deep sleep awakening, it is minimal after a light sleep awakening. Dreem Smart Alarm is triggered in light sleep, at the optimal time to limit this phenomenon.

The smart alarm, your tailored wake up time

Throughout your night, the Dreem headband measures your cerebral and body activity and follows your sleep stages. Twenty minutes before the chosen wake-up time, the Smart Alarm is ready to intervene. Using real-time predictive algorithms, it triggers as late as possible while ensuring you wake up in light sleep, not in deep sleep.

Real results

Tested on more than 40,000 nights, Dreem's Smart Alarm wakes you up in light sleep stage in 88% of cases. It guarantees to wake up rested and effortlessly, ready to start the day. With a classic alarm clock, you only have one chance out of 3 to wake up in the light sleep phase.

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What Our Users Say

I especially feel I wake up more rested. I was not overexcited, but I felt more rested, calmer, almost serene.


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