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Sleep debt

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Is this me ?

Do you have good quality sleep, but still don't get enough of it? The amount of sleep each of us needs is mostly genetic, so it’s beyond our control. You may not notice the impact of sleep deprivation, but your body still suffers: It can impact your memory, concentration, mood, and even immune system.

Dreem's Solution

Dreem's first goal is to increase your sleep time. Via a dedicated program, you will learn to better control your sleep and, depending on your profile, take optimized power naps. Dreem will also improve the quality of your deep sleep, using a unique sound-stimulation method to amplify the intensity of slow waves associated with deep sleep. Learn more about the winning back sleep program of Dreem.

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Leila - 37 nights with Dreem

The Results

At the end of this program, you’ll have regained valuable sleep time and improved the quality of your deep sleep in the process. In short, you'll sleep more and better. The efficiency of this program is continually tested and optimized by our scientific team, discover our scientific work here.

Reclaim your sleep with Dreem

Thanks to tailored coaching program made by sleep experts, Dreem will help you sleep more and better.