30 nights trial, money back guarantee
30 nights trial, money back guarantee

Analyze and Improve Your Sleep

Thanks to its sensors, Dreem measures your sleep very precisely. Every morning, a detailed analysis helps you understand it better, and personalized, actionable advice tells you how to improve it every day.

Follow the brain activity for specific information on your sleep

To analyze your sleep, it is necessary to measure it precisely. Unlike most sleep trackers, Dreem not only tracks your heart rate, your breathing or your movements: the headband also measures your brain activity (EEG), which is essential for the accurate assessment of your sleep. It is the only reliable technique used by doctors and researchers specialized in sleep.

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Assessment of your night

Every morning, the Dreem app displays your “sleep score”, which measures the objective quality of your night. Then you find out your “graph” that traces the sequence of your stages of sleep. Finally, thematic maps summarize the important elements of your night (sleep, agitation, sleep duration, awakenings, etc.) ... and show you how to improve them.

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Your sleep patterns

The Dreem application offers a “Weekly” view and a “Monthly” view to help you follow the evolution of your sleep over time and to better understand the relationship between your lifestyle and the quality of your nights.

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Your sleep profile

The “Profile” section summarizes your sleep averages and shows where you are compared to other users. Summary of your Dreem use and of your sleep characteristics, this section also allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of the headband.

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Your brain activity and heart rate in real time

Do you know what your brain activity looks like? You can now view it in real time on the Dreem application, as well as your heart rate. This section of the application is intended to check the quality of the signal before sleep, and to confirm the correct positioning of your headband.

What Our Users Say

It's very addictive! It's very interesting to see the scores of the night. I learned about my rhythms, I learned about the quality of my sleep.


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