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Sleep and Illness

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Is this me ?

Do you suffer from sleep disorders? Or have a health problem that affects your sleep? Unfortunately, these diseases are very common. Sleep is the key to how we function. What affects our body generally affects our sleep, and vice-versa.

Dreem's Solution

Dreem isn’t a medical device. It doesn’t treat sleep disorders like apnea or hypersomnia. It’s also not intended to solve problems caused by other health problems (neurodegenerative or cardiovascular diseases, for example.).

However, Dreem can still help you. You can learn about your sleep and use Dreem Techniques like fall-asleep aids, the Smart Alarm, and sound deep sleep stimulations. Learn more about the Dreem Techniques here.

The Results

Dreem will help you to understand your sleep better, and improve certain aspects of it. You will have access to information and tools to better understand and manage it day to day. The best way to measure sleep is to monitor the brain activity, learn how Dreem is measuring sleep with superior accuracy.

Be better at sleep

Learn more about your sleep and improve its quality with Dreem.