We’re on a mission to
enhance sleep quality

Sleep, a very natural phenomenon, is an extremely complex and challenging aspect of our lives.

In the past 15 years, researchers have studied sound as a medium for sleep enhancement. While random sounds may disturb sleep, stimulating sleep with sound at precise moments has proven to be an effective and non-invasive way to enhance deep sleep. We used this discovery as our foundation for research and extended the principle in developing various sleep features and other sleep science projects.


Decades of research,
packed in one headband

Rythm was created to bring academic breakthroughs from labs to consumers as a seamless experience. It’s at the core of how we research, build, and design our products.

After two years of prototyping, testing, and innovation in electronics, sensors, and AI, we launched the Dreem First Program in 2016. It was a unique program that allowed 500 users to try the headband.

We tested the accuracy and effectiveness of the Dreem headband with clinical trials in partnership with Hôtel Dieu.

December 2013
Discovered impact of non-invasive audio based brain stimulation on sleep
July 2014
Founded Rythm to bring this research product to the world
June 2016
Launched the Dreem First program to test Dreem with 500 select customers
November 2016
Successfully embarked on a series of clinical trials to ensure efficacy
June 2017
Announcing consumer version of Dreem to the world
Fall 2017
Planned deliveries for Dreem headband

An unparalleled, diverse scientific board

Rythm’s scientific advisory board is comprised of highly accomplished individuals. By bringing the most renowned names from the fields of sleep research, neuroscience, and mathematics — we continue to be guided in the right direction in achieving our mission to solve the sleep epidemic and understanding the human brain.

Collaborating to fulfill
a common vision

By combining our expertise with academic experts, we look for advancements in neuroscience and sleep. Our collaborations range from long term fundamental research projects on ideas that based on deeper understanding of the brain to near term clinical research that validates Dreem for solving the sleep epidemic. So far we have received 12 grants and regularly share our progress in the form of white papers or scientific papers.

Pushing the future forward

Our scientific approach towards sleep research sets the path for trailblazing products in field of sleep technology. We’re always looking for individual or academic participants to join our journey and help us as we evaluate various sleep topics.

We’ve created two kinds of programs so that individuals adventurers and larger laboratories can both contribute to drive discoveries related to sleep. Please fill the form below to reach our team.

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