30 nights trial, money back guarantee
30 nights trial, money back guarantee

Dreem User Reviews

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Thousands of Sleepers are using the Dreem Headband daily, they shared with us their reviews.

I feel more energized in the morning. And not as if I’ve just taken something heavy, like the sleeping pills! I’m not over-excited; I feel fit, calmer and more serene.
Gradually, the general feeling that my nights were always too short faded aways. Of course, my night were still fragmented because when you children wakes up at night you can’t do anything about it. But my life has definitely changed since using Dreem.
I'm very pleased
Great tool! Has helped me fall back asleep incredibly faster than usual. It does take a few nights to get use to it. After those first nights it has been smooth sailing! Love it!
Once I had it in my hands, it was quite light and nice to wear. I needed some time to find the right position, because of my hairstyle, but now it’s perfect. I don’t feel it anymore and the headband is really helpful and reliable (for the sleep data).
Thanks to the Dreem headband, I’ve learnt a lot of things: I know more about my sleep patterns, I know more about the quality of my sleep… I can say that Dreem has improved my sleep because I perform better during the day and I even reduced my sleep time. This is great experience!
Very innovative product
Very innovative product. The headband is sophisticated and light. Deep analysis of the sleep with daily feedback allows deep improvement of sleep.
For me, the main effect of the headband has been that my self confidence has increased (don’t laugh!). Especially at work. I’ve always had difficulties in public speaking.This improvement, this self confidence that I’m currently experiencing, is correlated with the use of the headband.
I check my data very often. The thing I most care about is the distribution of the different sleep stages. REM Sleep, Deep Sleep, Light Sleep.. It’s really interesting.
It's a great product
It's a great product, it has literally saved my life. The iOS app keeps improving in a good way.
One big difference is that I used to wake up at 3am. I don’t know why. With the headband I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore.
Some nights, I don’t sleep well but I feel really rested. So I guess it works. But generally speaking, I have more energy. I’m more rested, I’m more relaxed. I think it has had a very positive effect.
Awesome: I have been using the headband for a month now. Little by little am I seeing improvement. For instance I am falling asleep within half an hour.
I was selected to test the headband and after 3–4 weeks, the results showed. I was able to see that my sleep had improved. Now I fall asleep quicker. I still have difficulties, I cannot fall asleep in 5 minutes (Before Dreem, it took me one or two hours to fall asleep). But now I fall asleep in 10 minutes. In the morning, I feel more energized.
The Dreem headband made me understand my sleep more and each night! I really enjoy the relaxing sounds, I use them a lot. It stops me mulling over things at night and helps me relax. I love the waves and the canoe sounds, these are my favorites!
Need to get used to it
The Dreem headband may be a bit hard to wear the few first nights but after getting used to it I really felt a difference in my sleep. The biggest impact is that I was really feeling more refreshed the whole day after wearing the Dreem headband. I would recommend for sure!
Recommended for anyone who wants to improve sleep quality
The Dreem Headband has been exactly as advertised and has had a significant positive impact on my sleep. One of the biggest areas of value that I see in Dreem is the detailed feedback on my sleep. I thought I was getting enough sleep, but found out that the composition of my sleep is problematic. Given this data I can work on things to help. I also notice that the device's stimulations are effective in making the most out of when I'm in bed.
This device has been a godsend
Life is hell when you can't sleep, and doubly so when what sleep you do manage to get doesn't help you feel rested. In short, the Dreem headband has been helping. The effect is slight but noticeable, and I awaken each morning for the first time in years with some small feeling of restoration. Given that I have long complained of suffering from non-restorative sleep, this device has been a godsend. My hope is that the effect is cumulative with time, so I have been wearing it faithfully every night. That said, I have years of sleep to catch up on, so it may be a long while until I am fully restored. That said, I have hope--something I wouldn't have said just a few weeks ago.
Friendly Foe
A unique technology that works
Unique technology - that works. I don't know of any other product that can do what Dreem does. The bone conduction microphones mean you can wear earplugs while you use it. The ambiance method for falling asleep typically lets me fall asleep in about ten to twelve minutes (versus around 17 minute average before using Dreem - measured with other trackers). Deep sleep duration seems to be similar before and after using Dreem (averaging around 80 minutes per night). But with Dreem, I can strengthen the deep sleep waves - and no other technology can do that.
Provides accurate sleep metrics
The dreem headband allows me to monitor my sleep quality. The metrics seem to be accurate. I don't seem to be getting very high quality sleep. I wish there was someway to diagnose what is prevent me from getting better quality sleep. Now that I have identified a problem, there must be a way to fix it. Is there experts available to help me?
I wish this headband was available on the NHS!
I have found the Dreem Headband really helpful. It has help me understand my sleep patterns better. It also helps me get to sleep and has considerably reduced my anxiety around this. I find the headband quite comfortable and easy to operate. Dreem are easy to contact and respond promptly to any queries.
Headband works well
Headband works well. The software link is what makes this shine; tracking history, learning about the various sleep types and seeing them highlighted in turn on the semi-circular chart showing each day in turn. I'm able to read the results on my Android as well as the IPad. So interesting, helpful, and pushes me to get more sleep.
B Schneider
A Revolution
Like me before Dreem, you can't sleep good ? Your health is impacted by a low sleep quality ? Your life quality is impacted too ? You have to try Dreem and coach your brain to learn how to find a good quality of sleep. It's not a miracle : Dreem and time are your pals for a better sleep. It's only a revolution!
Pierre W

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