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4,2 based on 283 reviews


« Gradually, the general feeling that my nights were always too short faded aways. Of course, my night were still fragmented because when you children wakes up at night you can’t do anything about it. But my life has definitely changed since using Dreem »


« Excellent product. Real impact on sleep cycles. Great data for self-quantification. Good UI and mobile phone app. Best sleep monitoring tool on the market right now. »

The Dreem Headband has had a significant positive impact on my sleep

The Dreem Headband has been exactly as advertised and has had a significant positive impact on my sleep. One of the biggest areas of value that I see in Dreem is the detailed feedback on my sleep. I thought I was getting enough sleep, but found out that the composition of my sleep is problematic. Given this data I can work on things to help. I also notice that the device's stimulations are effective in making the most out of when I'm in bed.


« Incredibly well-made and surprisingly wearable, this has reduced the time it takes to fall asleep and improved the quality of my sleep. User support is good too. I would definite recommend Dreem. »

Pierre W.

« Like me before Dreem, you can't sleep good ? Your health is impacted by a low sleep quality ? Your life quality is impacted too ? You have to try Dreem and coach your brain to learn how to find a good quality of sleep. It's not a miracle : Dreem and time are your pals for a better sleep. It's only a revolution ! »