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618 reviews

I’ve tried lots of trackers, but this is the only one that I feel is giving me an accurate measure of my sleep because with other ones, I can just lay there wide awake and they think I am sleeping. I was scared the headband wouldn’t be comfortable, but it hasn’t bothered me, the EEG makes it feel like I am at a sleep clinic in my own bed. I just finished my assessment a few days ago and have been following their coaching. So far I’ve been following along and it seems like I am making some improvements based on how I feel in the morning and what the data shows. Highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with insomnia or any issues with their sleep.


Dreemer for 1 year

I have owned almost every significant sleep-tracking gadget on the market, and the Dreem is one of the best (or maybe the best at all) at this moment. It is very accurate when I compare it with my experience and other results. (The EEG is much more precise for guessing your sleep phases than heart rate, HRV, temperature etc...). Nice "proof" of the accuracy is that Dreem knows exactly if I am sleeping or not: this is very tricky for other solutions. Dreem has user-friendly sleep-couching software, and the gadget looks nice. I start to believe that Dreem helps me to sleep better. (But I still use Dreem only about four weeks, so more extended test period needed). But you probably will not do a mistake buying it, especially if you do not sleep so well.


Dreemer for 1 month

In short, the Dreem headband has been helping. The effect is slight but noticeable, and I awaken each morning for the first time in years with some small feeling of restoration. Given that I have long complained of suffering from non-restorative sleep, this device has been a godsend.


Dreemer for 7 months

I feel more rested since I have started using the device. I have been plagued by insomnia for more than 6 years, and the only thing that kept me going was the vision of a better future. I was continuously following insomnia related research papers and news, in the hopes of finding some sort of treatment that would work for me. Thankfully, one day, I stumbled upon Dreem.


Dreemer for 2 years and 2 months

Like me before Dreem, you can't sleep good ? Your health is impacted by a low sleep quality ? Your life quality is impacted too ? You have to try Dreem and coach your brain to learn how to find a good quality of sleep. It's not a miracle : Dreem and time are your pals for a better sleep. It's only a revolution !


Dreemer for 9 months

Sure, the program is hard, especially in the beginning. I’m in the middle of week 5 and I’m starting to feel the positive effects of my hard work. At first I felt like I was trying to tame a wild horse, but I managed to stick with it. Be brave and stick to the advice! Maybe ask for a call with Dreem to talk about it and stay motivated. If you want to put an end to your bad nights, you’ve got to act NOW! After 35 years of sleepless nights, Dreem was my last resort, I literally tried everything else… Dreem was my lifesaver!!


Dreemer for 6 months

I’ve been following the program for about 4 weeks now, I can honestly say that I’m delighted with it. Yes, there are certain constraints- but then all therapy does. I admit, at first it seemed completely crazy to me, but little by little I started to notice that even if I sleep less, I’m getting better quality sleep- I can feel it! I have a pretty high pressure job and I felt a little tired at the start of the program but now I don’t at all. But I realized that if I didn’t stick to the rules (screens, going to bed too early…) my night was all chopped up again- that’s why I was tired. For a good night sleep, a healthy lifestyle is best. I’m extremely satisfied with this program and how it’s helping me understand and deal with my sleep better!


Dreemer for 1 month and 2 weeks

The instructions can seem a little odd at first, but stick with it- the pay-off is worth it! I completed the sleep restructuring program. I went from waking up 15 times a night on average to just 3 wake-ups per night on average. The program is exhausting but you have to stick with it!. Honestly, it’s really just the first 2 weeks that are tough… it gets much better after that!


Dreemer for 3 years

It works for me ! I’ve been a user for around 6 months and now I can’t do without it. It isn’t a miracle cure but it helps, and I feel more rested…It isn’t magic, it doesn’t turn you into superman but I sleep better. Given the technology the price seems justified. It’s better than pills, that’s for sure. I recommend the product.


Dreemer for 6 months

I’ve been a user for a little over a year, 0 deep sleep at first, and now I get about an hour/ 90 minutes. Less sleepless nights, more energy! I recommend it. I never had nights where I didn’t sleep for the entire night, but at least once a week I had nights where I had insomnia. Now it’s pretty rare, maybe once a month. After about 6 months I started to see an improvement.


Dreemer for 6 months

I’m sleeping much better! I bought a Dreem headband about 8 months ago because I was having difficulty sleeping. Since the birth of my daughter 6 years ago, it took me ages to fall asleep and I was waking up around 5-6 times a night. After these past few months using the headband, I’ve finally started sleeping through the night!! Which is honestly, pretty amazing to me. I’m a big fan of the falling asleep methods, with the ocean sounds and the campfire… I fall asleep twice as fast. It’s not a quick fix though- it took me a while to get used to wearing the headband but it’s worth it! I now sleep about 7 or 8 hours straight, it used to be 5 hours in bits and pieces until about 2 months ago.


Dreemer for 8 months

The headband improved my quality of sleep, which I can see in my energy levels when I wake up and throughout the day. I feel better and more rested without spending more time in bed. And it’s making a big difference, particularly noticeable when I have a lot of stuff on. The level and speed of recovery can be pretty jaw-dropping, especially after a few short nights. The education aspect of the app plays an essential role in understanding how sleep works, it’s like a coach that teaches you how to take charge and improve your sleep quality for yourself.


Dreemer for 1 year and 6 months

The most important thing is to stick to the advice in the app which does helps about 90%/, I think the advice and the videos are more effective than going to a specialist- and cheaper too (well done to the team). The headband is precise and really good at analysing your sleep. I saw that despite what I thought I actually slept quite well, which gave me a little boost every morning. My deep sleep record is 2 hours and 10 minutes! I wake up more rested, with more energy during the day. When I don’t listen to the app advice, I see a big difference (I don’t sleep well).


Dreemer for 2 years

My stress, moodiness etc came from the fact I wasn’t getting enough deep sleep and waking up to 15 times a night! So I started the sleep restructuring program. The help falling asleep helped me a lot. It helped me to unwind and appreciate the present. And I wake up a lot less. I still have a lot of stuff to work on, but I think that on me. I’m not always a good student, I don’t go to bed when I should and so on.. But the Dreem app is really great- I’ve learnt a lot about sleep and put in place some really good strategies. The headband is worth its price, it might look simple but behind the object there’s a lot of support. It’s not a gadget, it’s something that improves your quality of life.


Dreemer for 1 month

I’ve been using Dreem for exactly 1 year and 3 months, I feel like a new person. I used to be exhausted and grouchy because I was so tired all the time and lacking sleep. Now I’m at 95% sleep efficiency compared to 35% a year ago. Thank you for your work and intelligence that have helped me feel better. Better across the board: family, work, relationships. Keep up the good work! The headband should be covered by insurance!


Dreemer for 1 year and 3 months