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Restorative sleep

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Is this me ?

You fall asleep quickly, don’t wake up in the middle of the night, and wake up feeling rested. In other words, you’re a good sleeper.

Dreem's Solution

Dreem is intended for people who have trouble sleeping. We've developed the majority of our programs with them in mind, and Dreem Techniques are optimized for them. But good sleepers can benefit from Dreem too. The headband will track your sleep every night, help you fall asleep, stimulate your deep sleep, and wake you up at the optimal time. During the day, you can use it to relax and concentrate, or to take power naps. Learn more about the Dreem Techniques.

« I was excited to be able to track my sleep accurately »

Zoey - 83 nights with Dreem

The Results

Dreem will monitor the development of your sleep, share insights about it, and help you understand it further. And there is more: it will improve the quality of your sleep even further. The efficiency of the Dreem Techniques are continually tested and the Deep Sleep Stimulations have been scientifically proven, discover the publications here.

Optimize your sleep

Monitor your sleep and get solutions to optimize it with Dreem.