30 nights trial, money back guarantee
30 nights trial, money back guarantee

Sleep research at the core of the Dreem project

From the start, Dreem has worked on sleep research to become an important actor in major neuroscience discoveries. We’ve conducted iterative research internally and validated our solutions in a clinical trial setting, to offer a solution that comes from rigorous science research.

The contribution of Dreem to Sleep Research

To help push Sleep research forward, we have created the Adventurers Program. Since the Dreem headband can be an analytical tool comparable to sleep labs equipments, it allows us to swiftly involve a large number of Dreem users in diverse study protocols, from their home. We explore, measure, and develop various hypotheses at once, on a large scale, under real conditions, while being able to easily correct and reorient our work if necessary.

With this new, inclusive, and iterative approach, we believe we can drive sleep research forward dramatically, in tandem with traditional research laboratories.

Our scientific publications

In addition to the Adventurers Program, our sleep research team are working on scientific publications in order to push forward the technology and the efficiency of the Dreem Headband.

EEG performance

Performance of an Ambulatory Dry-EEG Device for Auditory Closed-Loop Stimulation of Sleep Slow Oscillations in the Home Environment.

Classification sleep stages

A deep learning architecture for temporal sleep stage classification using multivariate and multimodal time series.

Sound stimulations during deep sleep

Enhancement of slow oscillations with closed-loop auditory stimulations: Improvement, mechanisms and physiological.

Naps improvement

Using relaxation techniques to improve sleep during naps

Algorithm for Detecting events during sleep

A deep learning architecture to detect events in EEG signals during sleep

Summary of our researches related to the Dreem Headband

These two studies have been published in leading scientific journals. You can find them summarized in our White Paper, which outlines the key features of our research work and gives you an overview of the scientific and technical attributes of our product.

An Outstanding Scientific Advisory Board

Developing Dreem required various disciplines to work hand in hand. We surrounded ourselves with prominent experts in the fields of neuroscience, sleep science, and mathematics for guidance. They continue to serve as our Scientific Advisory Board today. With their help, we’re working to understand the brain and sleep, and work towards our common goal: improving sleep for all.

Emmanuel Mignot Director, Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine at Stanford University
Christof Koch President and Chief Scientific Officer of the Allen Institute for Brain Science
David Eagleman Neuroscientist and professor in the department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science
Russel Foster Head of the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute (SCNi)
Raphael Heinzer Director of Center for Investigation and Research in Sleep

Our Scientific Partners

By combining our resources and skills with those of other experts, we actively participate in sleep and neuroscience research. This research is everlasting and we’re always on the lookout for new collaborations.

Sleep Physiology / Targeted Memory Reactivation

Targeted Memory Reactivation

Sleep engineering for greater cognitive and health benefit

Machine learning

Sleep Physiology / Sleep in Healthy Subject

Clinical Trials

Machine Learning / Sleep Analysis

Memory / Slow Oscillation Stimuation

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