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Poor Sleep

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Is this me ?

Do you spend enough time in bed, but sometimes take a while to fall asleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night, or feel groggy in the morning? Psychology and lifestyle are often the root causes.

Dreem's Solution

Dreem will help you identify behaviors or attitudes that may be affecting your sleep. It will recommend tailored programs to address these issues, and motivate you to keep improving. These programs cover a variety of issues and can be adapted to your needs, whether that’s working on sleep routines to learn positive habits, or teaching you how to cope if you experience difficulty sleeping. Learn more about the poor sleep program.

« I realized how important my sleep environment was »

Philippe - 54 nights with Dreem

The Results

By the end of these programs, you’ll have developed healthier habits that greatly improve the quality of your sleep, resulting in a significant improvement to how you feel during the day. The efficiency of this program is continually tested and optimized by our scientifically team, discover our scientifical work here.

Be better at sleep

Dreem uses tailored sleep program to help you develop healthier habits, improve the quality of your sleep and reduce awakenings.