30 nights trial, money back guarantee
30 nights trial, money back guarantee
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With Dreem, supercharge your employees by helping them sleep better

Over ⅓ of workers have trouble sleeping. Sleep is an essential pillar of health and well-being, it can negatively affects employees across all aspects of their health including mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

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Studies about employees

As work days get longer and more demanding, employees struggle to manage their sleep.


report feeling more stressed when they are sleep deprived


report feeling sluggish and lazy


report they have trouble concentrating


report feeling no motivation to take care of responsibilities.

Dreem benefits in a corporate environment

Fall Asleep Faster

Getting your workers to fall asleep faster. This feature offers several techniques to help them fight against rumination: meditation, sophrology, ambient sounds but also relaxation exercises for naps. Learn more about this feature here.

Deep Sleep

Studies have shown that Dreem improves the quality of deep sleep, which is instrumental in enhancing memory consolidation. Over time employees can have better memory and can be healthier for longer periods of time. Learn more about this feature here.

Smart Alarm

With the smart alarm, the Dreem headband wakes up the user at the optimal moment of their sleep or nap. This allows workers to wake up refreshed and start work with higher levels of focus and productivity. Learn more about this feature here.

Analyze and understand Sleep

The app deliver sleep data and personalized advice depending on the last night for the user in order to understand and improve his sleep on the long term. Learn more about this feature here.

Scientific backup

From the start, we’ve conducted iterative research internally, scientific publications and validated the Dreem headband in a clinical trial setting. We’ve also released a scientific publication about Nap optimization in professional environment, available here.

Our Scientific Approach

Our Offer

Dreem is offering a personalized sleep solution for employers with personalized sleep test and various programs to optimize naps, and enhance sleep quality through the use of the Headband.

Personalized Sleep Test

With our sleep test, users will see what kind of sleepers they are compared to the population, identify their sleep problems and get tailored recommendation to improve their sleep habits.

Dreem at Work

NASA revealed that a 40-minute nap improved performance by 34% and alertness by 100%. The Dreem Headband can be used for naps and allow workers to be refreshed for the rest of the day.

Dreem at Home

With the use of the Dreem headband at home, employees can also improve their nights and their daily routine. This leads to more focused, efficient workers that are also healthier.

Direct Client Support

Our partners are our number one priority. We also offer specific client support with regards to all issues relating to the product or the program.

Our Partnerships

By investing in either their employees or their clients, our partners have seen an increase in productivity, efficiency, and overall well-being.

When I hold this headband in my hands, I feel like I’m holding the future of technology.

Jean-Michel Colleu, Director at the Thermes de Saint-Malo

Pullman is thrilled to have this amazing opportunity to work with Dreem, Rythm’s scientifically proven way of improving the quality of your sleep.

Aldina Duarte Ramos, Director Well-being

I can say that Dreem has improved my sleep because I perform better during the day.


At Dreem, we are committed to help your company reach new heights by empowering your employees or clients. Fill this form and we will reach you immediately to see how we can help your employees or clients improving healthy sleep habits.

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