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Which of the following sleep problems might you have?

How long have you been experiencing these symptoms for?

How would you rate the severity of your sleep issues?

To what extent do your sleep problems affect your daily life?

What is your total sleep duration, on a typical night?


How many hours of sleep do you think you need to feel fully rested?


Which of the following behaviours do you identify with?

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Based on our experience and several sleep metrics known from scientific studies, we could generate a sleep profile to better help you find a concrete solution.


This is a simulated model. During your first 7 nights with your Dreem Band, a much more detailed analysis will be performed, along with more accurate recommendations.

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Your sleep is the result of a complex combination of factors: your environment, behaviour, physiology and more. By analyzing your sleep, Dreem can suggest a customized plan that meets your needs. Here’s how Dreem adapts to different sleep profiles.

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