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Stage 1: Assessment
Stage 2: Restructuring
Stage 3: Optimization
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The road to
reclaimed sleep

Sleeping well
takes practice.

Returning to quality sleep takes physiological and psychological work, plus a few adjustments to your environment. Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight; that’s why Dreem is here to guide you, every step of the way.

Identified needs Stage 1 Assessment Analysis Restructured sleep Stage 2 Restructuring Programs Optimized sleep Stage 3 Optimization Techniques Night 1 Night 7 6 to 8 weeks

Stage 1


Identified needs Stage 1 Assessment Analysis Night 1 Night 7

Seven nights to get to know you

The first seven nights are dedicated to studying your sleep. During each of these, the Dreem Band collects key physiological information to objectively evaluate your sleep. And during the day, the Dreem Coach gets to know you better by asking in-app questions.

Tailored report and custom plan

At the end of the analysis phase, the Dreem Coach delivers a detailed sleep report that sheds some light on your nights: structure and general averages, chronotype, types of sleep-related problems and their causes, and more. It then suggests a customized action plan to improve them.

Stage 2


Improving sleep isn’t just about changing our habits; it’s about changing our minds too. If Dreem detected any structural or behavioral abnormalities in the previous stage, it will recommend a bespoke program to help you rebuild your sleep.

Sleep restructured Stage 2 Restructuring Programs Night 7 6 to 8 weeks

Programs that work for you

Chronic or paradoxical insomnia, anxiety… each program tackles a specific problem. Using practical tips and personalized exercises, the Dreem Coach guides and motivates you, all while ensuring your sleep is successfully restructured.

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Stage 3


Once you get to this stage, your sleep should have a pretty good structure. This is why the restructuring stage is so important. Now Dreem moves into optimization mode.

Sleep optimized Stage 3 Optimization Techniques 6 to 8 weeks

A Suite of Sleep-Enhancing Tools

In this stage, Dreem makes final tweaks to optimize your nights. Specific sounds to strengthen the quality of your sleep, programs dedicated to one-off needs, or relaxation techniques to better prepare your body for sleep – Dreem offers a set of tools with proven efficacy, to make sure you get the most out of your nights.

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An ally for life

Dreem isn’t designed as a quick fix, but to change your sleep habits forever. It gets you involved in programs, keeps you motivated, and helps you reach your goals. But a solution is only as good as our commitment to using it. At the beginning, that means using Dreem almost daily. Once you regain quality sleep, you can use Dreem more occasionally. But rest assured: If new problems arise, you’ll have the opportunity to start again, with a new action plan suited to your current needs.

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We want Dreem to be the go-to solution for those determined to sleep better, for good. So, we identified distinct sleeper profiles and tailored programs for each of them. Find out yours, and see what Dreem can do.

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