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Product Manager

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Job description

The Dreem Story

In 2014, two engineering students from the École Polytechnique made a discovery. Non-invasive brain stimulations, triggered at specific moments, can enhance the quality of deep sleep. With sleep being one of the biggest healthcare and societal issue of modern times, and sleep problems being poorly covered by existing solutions, they decided to start Dreem. Their mission? Solve the global sleep crisis by developing the first ever reference solution to bad sleep. A solution that is non-invasive, efficient and complete enough to cover every case. Dreem also has a scientific and technical goal- understanding sleep and the brain, in order to develop solutions that can significantly and positively improve our health, well-being and performances.

In the 4.5 years since its foundation, Dreem has filed 25 patents, developed 3 full iterations of the product, hired an international team of 80 experts, developed a research network of 25 laboratories and hospitals, helped thousands of people across the world to solve their sleep issues, and has collected the largest EEG repository in the history, by collecting more than 600,000 nights of data. Along the way, Dreem has raised more than $60M from Laurent Alexandre, Xavier Niel, MAIF, BPI and Johnson & Johnson - the world’s healthcare leader. Dreem has also hired 4 of the most renowned neuroscientists and sleep experts in the world, to support our scientific quest - Emmanuel Mignot (Director of Stanford Sleep Center), Christof Koch (CSO of the Allen Institute for Brain Science), Raphael Heinzer (Director of the CIRS of Lausanne) and Russell Foster (Director of the SCNI of Oxford).

Think of working at Dreem like embarking on a journey with a crew of adventurers. We are sleep pioneers, a team of experts fascinated by science, technology and design. But most importantly we are obsessed by our product and by helping our users. Our fields of expertise encompass sleep research, mechanical engineering, machine learning, electronic design, embedded systems and calculations, testing, ergonomics, development of proprietary applications and software, design, marketing and much more.

We’re interested in how neurotechnology and sleep science can positively impact people’s lives, right now. No matter how much other technologies improve our lives while we’re awake, if we continue to sleep poorly, there will always be a barrier to true health, happiness and performance. That’s why sleep is our sole focus for the next five years.

Everything we do will always be driven by people: us, and the people we help. That’s how we’ll succeed: With a shared history, shared values and one shared goal. The goal? Within five years, we’ll have created a sleep solution that is more effective than anything else on the market. One that can help in 100% of cases of bad sleep. One that becomes the global reference point for sleep solutions. One that will have solve 500 000 cased of bad sleep worldwide.


As Product Manager @ Dreem, you will work with the VP Product and our existing Product Managers on delivering the product strategy and the product vision, as well as managing product development and its timeline. You will be at the intersection of the design, marketing, technological and scientific developments. Your main objectives will be to define Dreem’s next successful products and features, through intensive research and testing, as well as supporting the development teams with product input. Apart from our consumer products, you will also work on our new projects. Your role will be a key in the company’s success. Here’s non-exhaustive list of your missions:

  • Identifying and assessing product opportunities coming from users and potential future customers, team members and research
  • Defining the right product under financial, marketing, design, technological and scientific input and constraints (high-level definition as well as final features of the product)
  • Defining product strategy and roadmap with the CEO
  • Representing the product within the team
  • Defining product marketing strategy with the marketing team
  • Aligning developments towards the product vision
  • Giving a voice to our current and future users
  • Setting up success metrics and reaching them
  • Managing product analytics and part of the customer success pipeline
  • Defining testing specifications
  • Running intensive technological, product and competition research

Profile needed

You will be under the direct management of the VP Product. The product you will be working on is highly disruptive in several ways: usage, technology, science, and value proposition. This mission will probably be one the most complex missions you’ve ever had as a product manager. We expect:

  • A true deep passion for product and design
  • Deep understanding of the company’s technological fields
  • Empathy for customer and people
  • A strong ability to work (very) hard and autonomy
  • a strong intellect
  • The ability to master highly complex systems and projects
  • Integrity and confidence
  • Strong oral and written communication and focus skills
  • Ambition and creativity

According the scientific and technological aspects of the product, you should have a strong engineering background or a business and marketing background with a true understanding of technical topics. Other qualities we are looking for:

  • Experience of product or project management, in the consumer world (at least 2 to 5 years)
  • Optional: experience in the hardware / consumer electronics field
  • Optional: electronics and algorithmic engineering background
  • Optional: experience in design (industrial or visual)
  • International experience

The product is what is driving Dreem and people of the team. This mission is not only an extraordinary opportunity to participate to the future of neurotechnology and to the development of a disruptive product, but will be a true personal challenge for you.