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Signal Processing Engineer - Algo team

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Job description

Dreem is a leading neurotechnology company combining neuroscience research with ground breaking consumer technology, designed to help people sleep better. Backed by a prestigious board of advisors and notable scientists, raising 60 million dollars in funding, Dreem’s mission is to cure the worldwide bad sleep epidemic, starting with the individual.

Their first sleep technology, the Dreem headband, is available now, helping sleep strugglers improve their sleep. Dreem is comprised of a world-class team of 70 people, based in Paris and San Francisco.

Dreem headband acquire in real time data from 3 kind of sensors: EEG, Accelerometer and Pulse oximeter. These complex signals need to be processed and analysed in real time in order to better adapt the answer of the headband to a given sleep state.

The real-time algorithmic pipeline is divided into 3 segments:

  • Process the signals to remove all the artefacts that affect the information of the brain activity contained in the signal.
  • Analyze the signals in real time to detect all the patterns that characterize for each user the sleep activity
  • Adapt the action of the headband to improve sleep, depending on the state of sleep at a given time

As a signal processing engineer, you will be a member of the algorithm team. You will work on the last two segments of the pipeline to improve the performance of the Dreem online algorithms.

This work will involve :

  • Design new algorithms to detect sleep patterns
  • Individualize each algorithm so that it fits to each single user
  • Develop algorithms to run new active features
  • Implement and optimize the real-time algorithms
  • Integration of the algorithms in the global pipeline
  • Testing with Embedded Team
  • Validate and Follow the performance of the algorithms

Profile needed

  • Signal Processing knowledge and experience
  • Notion in Machine Learning
  • Python programming skills
  • Interest in Neuroscience
  • Being communicative and curious
  • Ability to work work autonomously, provide idea, solve problems and take ownership of technical issues