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Irregular Sleep Schedule

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Is this me ?

Do you have a job or lifestyle that requires you to sleep at odd hours? Night shifts, rotating schedules, jet lag, or even having a baby at home – it all means the same thing for your sleep.

Your biological clock is one of the body’s main sleep mechanisms. When your sleep schedule clashes head-on with your body’s circadian rhythms, getting a good night's sleep isn’t easy.

Dreem's Solution

Dreem is in the process of developing programs to address irregular sleep schedules.
They aren’t available yet, but, you can use Dreem to monitor your sleep and understand it better. Dreem Techniques will help you prepare your body for sleep, boost your deep sleep, and wake up at the optimal time. Learn more about the Dreem Techniques here.

The Results

While Dreem does not specifically address issues arising from irregular sleep schedules, it’s still effective in monitoring, managing, and optimizing your sleep. The efficiency of the Dreem Techniques are continually tested and the Deep Sleep Stimulations have been scientifically proven, discover the publications here.

Manage and improve your sleep

Prepare your body for sleep, boost your deep sleep, and wake up at the optimal time with Dreem.