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Your sleep companion.

Take a tour around the Dreem 2 headband, which helps you monitor and act on your sleep night after night.


Where we're
coming from...

Polysomnography (PSG),
sleep-monitoring technology found in clinics, unchanged since the 1950s and the only way to measure sleep accurately.

Where we are now...

Dreem miniaturized the PSG and transformed it into a comfortable sleep experience.

Now you can measure and monitor your sleep from home with Dreem 2


The Dreem headband has 7 sensors:

4 EEG sensors in the front and 2 on the back to measure brain activity

A pulse oximeter to measure your heart rate

An accelerometer to measure your movement, while you sleep.

During the night, the algorithms at the heart of the Dreem headband collect and act on your biological measurements real-time.

Every morning, when you plug your headband into charge, the Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth connection with the app is resumed and the data collected during the night is sent to your phone.

A world of sound.

The Dreem headband contains a bone conduction piece in the front band. This technology transmits sound from your forehead straight to your inner ear.

No need for headphones, no need to worry about disturbing anyone else, just lie back and enjoy the headband’s audio features.

A few final touches.

On the headband’s top arch,
you’ll find the touchpad.

Here you can start your night
with a long press

and adjust the volume of any audio features with a swipe.

All without having to turn your phone back on and use the app.

Let's talk comfort.

Created in collaboration with Yves Béhar and tested over 1 000 000 nights, the Dreem headband was designed with your comfort in mind.

Made of foam

Soft fabric

Flexible material


Adjustable fit

Want to find out more about the app?

Meet the app

Get the sleep you need.

Dreem 2.

No wi-fi.
No bluetooth
Adapts to all
head sizes
Suits all sleep
Your data
is safe

What kind of sleeper are you ?

Take the test!