A Wide Range of Features.

Sleep is a complex mechanism and it deserves a comprehensive solution. Thanks to active yet non-invasive features, Dreem addresses a suite of sleep problems to enhance the quality of your nights.

Fall asleep faster

Sleep Techniques

Dreem offers four sound-based sleep induction features. Inspired by meditation, cognitive training and biofeedback, each is designed to tackle a specific problem, reducing average fall-asleep time by 30%.


Sleep Deeper

Sleep Boost

Deep sleep is the most restorative of our sleep stages. It boosts the immune system, recharges energy, and supports memory. Dreem uses sound stimulations, a technique proven effective by neuroscientists, to increase the power of slow waves, characteristic of deep sleep quality, by 43% on average.

Wake up More Easily

Smart Alarm

Waking up when you’re sleeping lightest helps kick-start the day. Dreem’s Smart Alarm helps prevent "sleep inertia", a common cause of morning drowsiness. The Smart Alarm works with your sleep, waking you up during your lightest sleep stage 88% of the time, guaranteeing a gentle morning rise.

Sleep Coach

Master your Sleep

Sleep Coach

Mastering your sleep begins with understanding it. Effective measuring tools are rare, so monitoring our sleep is a complex task and we often have an incomplete or incorrect perception of it.The Dreem headband objectively tracks and analyzes your sleep. Every morning, the Dreem app provides you with a comprehensive report and personalized advice, helping you better understand your sleep and take steps to enhance it.

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