30 nights trial, money back guarantee
30 nights trial, money back guarantee

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Deep sleep makes up 25% of the night on average. Considered the most recuperative sleep stage, it plays an important role in immune defences and memory. The Dreem headband improves the quality of your sleep by a process of sound stimulation.

A founding discovery

In 2013, the neuroscience researcher Jan Born proves that a certain type of sound, pink noise, can positively influence the quality of deep sleep. This discovery is at the origin of the creation of Dreem in 2014: we materialized it in a headband available to all, and checked its effects.

Brain activity and deep sleep

With deep sleep very wide and slow brain waves appear the “Delta” waves. They are punctuated by the thalamus, a cerebral area acting as a metronome. The number and amplitude of these delta waves are the main indicators of the quality of deep sleep.

Pink noise, the ally of deep sleep

The thalamus, this metronome of deep sleep waves (called “delta”), is sensitive to sound. And especially to pink noise, a type of sound that is spectrally very dense. Dreem emits sound stimulations at specific moments of the delta waves. This has the effect of increasing their amplitude and their number and therefore improve the overall quality of deep sleep.

Real results

The sound stimulations emitted by the Dreem headband improve both the number and the amplitude of the delta waves. Which increases their total power by 43% on average. This figure is the outcome of a clinical trial led in Hôtel Dieu, and of the analysis of more than 1,000 nights spent with Dreem.

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