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One in three employees suffers from sleep problems, and yet sleep is an essential factor in workplace health and well-being. A lack of sleep can have a negative impact on productivity and cause stress. Dreem is a sleep solution designed to tackle this issue.

How does bad sleep affect workplace productivity and well-being?

Work days are becoming longer, demands and stress are intensifying... All of this can have a negative effect on sleep.

0 %

rise in the number of absences by employees affected by sleep problems, when compared to the employee average.

0 %

of employees feel more stressed when they have sleep problems.

0 %

feel tired or lacking in energy after one or more nights of bad sleep.

0 %

claim to have difficulty concentrating the day after a night of bad sleep.

The cost of bad sleep

Bad sleep also has repercussions on an economic level. Between a lack of productivity, absenteeism, accidents and medical fees, the price of bad sleep totals in at almost a trillion dollars a year. The Terra Nova study shows that the direct and indirect costs of bad quality sleep add up to billions of euros for businesses. What’s more, 88% of the indirect costs of insomnia are covered by the employer (€312 per employee, per year).

USA $411 Billion
Germany $60 Billion
Canada $21 Billion
Japan $138 Billion
England $40 Billion

the solution that cares

Diagnosis in 7 days

The Dreem solution begins with 7 nights of diagnosis via precise sleep analysis. Dreem’s measurements are 95% as precise as those taken in laboratories by experts. At the end of this diagnostic phase, users receive a detailed report followed by a sleep improvement program tailored to their needs.

Made-to-measure programs

We offer several different behavioral therapy programs designed to solve sleep problems. Typically recommended in the sleep report, they can also be chosen directly by the users themselves. Our insomnia program, for example, helps to progressively improve sleep effectiveness over 6-8 weeks, by reducing falling asleep time and the amount of nocturnal wake-ups.

Sleep optimization

If a user doesn’t have any particular sleep problems, they can still optimize their sleep by improving the quality of their deep sleep or correcting a certain ‘bad’ sleep habit with the help of designated programs. They can also use our relaxation techniques before sleep.

How Dreem works?

Our offer

For businesses
For insurance providers

Our offer for businesses

We’ll first help you educate your employees on the importance of good sleep with dedicated content and personalized and anonymous sleep tests. You can then choose between two different routes:

Make Dreem more accessible for your employees

Offer your employees an exclusive discount on Dreem 2. We can cover a portion of your charges in order to make Dreem 2 as accessible as possible for your employees.

Make Dreem more available for your employees

We’ll set you up with a pool of Bands, available to your employees for diagnosis or long-term guidance. When you sign up, you’re guaranteed dedicated support and the latest versions of our product.

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Our offer for insurance providers

We can cover a portion of your charges with the objective of making Dreem 2 as accessible as possible and help insured parties resolve their sleep problems. You can strengthen your health cover for businesses by including a sleep section in your wellness offer. More than half of businesses make their choice of health insurer based on how comprehensive the Corporate Wellness offer is.


By investing in the improved sleep of their employees or clients with Dreem, our partners have seen real improvements in productivity, efficiency and the overall well-being of their employees.

« When I’m holding the Band, I feel like I’m holding the future of technology in my hands. »

Jean-Michel Colleu Director of Thalassotherapy, St. Malo Thermal Baths

« Pullman is excited by this fantastic opportunity and to allow our clients to experience the Dreem Band and its scientifically-proven effectiveness on sleep quality. »

Aldina Duarte Ramos Well-being Director

« I can honestly say that Dreem has improved my sleep because I’m much more productive during the day. It’s a great experience. »

Etienne 439 nights with Dreem

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