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Your digital sleep expert

Meet the Dreem 2 headband’s companion app. Everything you need to understand, manage and take steps to improve your sleep.

iOS and Android


Your sleep at your fingertips.

All the key information collected by your headband during the night can be found on your night card.

At a glance you’ll see your total sleep duration, how long it took you to fall asleep and how many times you woke up during the night.

You’ll also find a sleep quality chart and a rundown of your night’s key stats.

For a more detailed view of your night, there’s the hypnogram. Here you can explore your sleep stages, heart-rate and movement, minute by minute.

66 bpm
16 CPM respiration



The data collected by your headband is used to offer you pertinent, personalized insight and advice to help you better understand your sleep, spot patterns and track your progress over time.

Your data
is safe

Your day-to-day
coaching programs

In order to better address your sleep problem on a deeper level, the app proposes a selection of programs.

Once you’ve picked your program, you’ll be able to access the daily exercises and to-do lists that make up your program, as well as all information and support you need to help you achieve your goal for the day.

Set your nights, your way.

Take your pick from a library of falling asleep techniques, set an alarm, then turn your phone off.

Think of the app as your headband’s remote control. It’s where you choose your headband preferences for the night ahead.

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Get the sleep you need.

Dreem 2.

No wi-fi.
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Adapts to all
head sizes
Suits all sleep
Your data
is safe

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