30 nights trial, money back guarantee
30 nights trial, money back guarantee

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The Adventurers Program is open to all Dreem users. By testing of new techniques, collecting specific measurements and sharing honest feedback, the Adventurers Program allows you to contribute to the future of sleep science.

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Traditional Research

Traditional clinical research helps us understand sleep's fundamental mechanisms. But the impracticality and the cost of the equipment used make it unfeasible for large-scale experiments, conducted in real sleeping conditions.

However, to develop a solution that concretely improves the sleep of all, it is essential to imagine, develop and test different approaches, easily, iteratively, and widely.

The Adventurers Program

That's why we created the Adventurers Program. It allows us to swiftly involve a large number of Dreem users in diverse study protocols. We explore, measure, and develop various hypotheses at once, on a large scale, under real conditions, while being able to easily correct and reorient our work if necessary.

The scope of the Adventurers Program also allows us to identify and consider the smallest individual variations. It’s this level of personalization that separates a theoretical discovery from a practical and effective solution.

With this new, inclusive, and iterative approach, we believe we can drive sleep research forward dramatically, in tandem with traditional research laboratories.







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To join the Adventurers Program and help us on sleep research, you will have to fill the survey, after that you will receive invitations to perform some tests, for each one, you can accept or decline. Adventurers tests can spread over few days, but also over few weeks.

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