We are on a journey to enhance the quality of life by unlocking the mysteries of the brain.


Our approach to
brain science

We are on a journey to enhance the quality of life by unlocking the mysteries of the brain.

  • Monitoring and meticulously analyze sleep. Most researchers will agree, continuous stream of brain data over time is difficult to obtain and analyze.
  • Sleep also pushes our current learning on consciousness.
    As we go through different sleep stages we analyze their transitions and their impact on our mind, body, and overall performance.
  • Build and scale advanced consumer technology (sensors, electronics, algorithms, AI) to solve meaningful challenges that affect millions across the world.

A word that unites us all. Ambition.

What started as a project to enhance the quality of sleep, has led to the creation of a company that unifies a multidisciplinary team of more than 70 people. By bringing in talent from the fields of neuroscience, sleep research, hardware and software engineering, and design - we have an in-house team that is dedicated to a common vision of changing the world by better understanding the human brain.

In the press

In the past 3 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a sleep solution that is rooted in scientific rigor, design excellence, and seamless simplicity. Listed below are selected mentions in the press.

"A Potential Breakthrough for Those Lacking Deep Sleep"
"A metronome for your deep sleep"
"First connected device that goes beyond monitoring to improve sleep quality"
"A product that proactively analyze, diagnose, or treat sleep disorders"
"Dreem improves the quality of your rest"
"A headband that will revolutionize sleep"

Build what matters

And what matters most is our ambition to go beyond everything we know about brain science and build products that solve meaningful challenges of time. Regardless of the path you choose at Rythm, you’ll be part of a team that is mission driven and is working tirelessly to further the new category of neurotechnology.

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