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Sleep, finally.

Less time falling asleep, less waking up in the night, more time sleeping. Dreem 2 is the new way to get the sleep you need. *

* Registered as an FDA Class II Medical Device

Available now

Wondering how we do it?

Night and day, Dreem 2 is there for you, with the tools and support you need to understand, manage and take steps to improve your sleep.

At night

The headband monitors your sleep with state-of-the-art sensors that measure your brain activity, and plays sound to make falling asleep easier, and to gently wake you up in the morning.

Here's how it works

During the day

The app uses the headband’s data to provide you with a detailed night report and to deliver adapted exercises and tips, developed by Dreem experts to help you sleep better.

Here's how it works

The Science of Dreem

At Dreem we use rigorous scientific research to provide people with a sophisticated tool to manage and work on their sleep problems. Meet the Dreem team and discover the science behind what we do.

The science behind Dreem

Helping sleepers across the world.

Dreem has been helping people for over 800,000 nights. Hear their journeys from night 1 to improved sleep.

With experts
by our side.

“Dreem is first device that genuinely measures the home environment, over a long period of time.”

Prof. Russell Foster

“Dreem allows people to evaluate their sleep with precision and track their progress.”

Prof. Raphael Heinzer

“Dreem brings an innovative solution to patients and their doctors. It really is precision sleep medicine at scale.”

Dr. Emmanuel Mignot

Meet Dreem 2.

Your sleep companion

The Headband

Your digital sleep expert

The App

« Without a doubt, Dreem offers the greatest potential for improving sleep. »

« Dreem accurately measures different phases of sleep and provides tailored advice. »

« One of the leading devices in sleep monitoring is the Dreem headband. »

Get the sleep you need.

Dreem 2.

No wi-fi.
No bluetooth
Adapts to all
head sizes
Suits all sleep
Your data
is safe

What kind of sleeper are you ?

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