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Be better at sleep

Dreem helps you improve your sleep, step by step: from the assessment of your needs, to restructuring your sleep via dedicated coaching programs, to long-term optimization with effective techniques.


A complete


Dreem Band

Analyzing your sleep with lab-level precision

Dreem Techniques

Boosting your sleep with powerful audio features

Dreem Coach

Mentoring and motivating you night after night

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Your sleep,

your needs

Chronic insomnia

Spend less time in bed but still get more sleep with our Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program.

Lack of sleep

Increase your sleep hours and enhance the quality of your deep sleep.

Poor sleep

Change your routine to get the most out of your nights.

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We tend to prioritize our days

over our nights.

Dreem helps you refocus.

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Science at your service

Dreem was born from a major neuroscientific breakthrough. Thanks to our technological advances, the support of thousands of users, and collaborations with leading research centers, Dreem is the most holistic sleep solution to date.

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Uncommon talents,

one common goal

Engineers, designers, scientists – Dreem has built a team of 70 experts, all working towards a common goal: Help the world sleep better. They’re also pretty great to be around.

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