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Sleep, finally.

Less time falling asleep, less waking up in the night, more time sleeping. Dreem 2 is the new way to get the sleep you need.

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Wondering how we do it?

Night and day, Dreem 2 is there for you, with the tools and support you need to attain better quality sleep.

At night

The headband precisely monitors your sleep by measuring your brain activity. It plays sound to make falling asleep easier and wake you up gently.

Here's how it works

During the day

The app uses the headband’s data to provide you with an accurate night report and to deliver personalized sleep-restructuring exercises and tips, developed with experts.

Here's how it works

Rooted in proven science...

Data-driven, human-centered, our approach distills scientific rigour into an everyday solution. Dreem 2 measures sleep with a precision never seen outside of a lab, and our sleep restructuring programs are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, the only treatment recognized by the medical community.

Adopted by sleepers across the world.

Dreem has been helping people for over 700,000 nights. Hear their stories from night 1 to the resolution of their sleep problem.

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With experts
by our side.

From the very beginning, we’ve built and developed Dreem with contribution from scientific partners and our prestigious board of experts in neuroscience and sleep science.

“Dreem is first device that genuinely measures the home environment, over a long period of time.”

“I truly believe that the Dreem system can help people not only study their sleep but improve it.”

“We need to move out sleep from the doctor to the home.”

Prof. Russell

Prof. Raphael

Dr. Emmanuel

Meet Dreem 2.

Your sleep companion

The Headband

Your personal sleep expert

The App

“Without a doubt, Dreem offers the greatest potential for improving sleep.”

“What is absolutely distinct about the Dreem is that it accurately measures different phases of sleep and provides tailored advice – a major breakthrough.”

“Dreem Coach aims to eliminate insomnia with bespoke behavioral therapy.”

Get the sleep you need.

Dreem 2.

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