This Podcast Creator Tells Grown-up Bedtime Stories to Lull You to Sleep

It’s a pretty common occurrence: you’re lying in bed, having just turned out the light, and all of a sudden, you’re wide awake. There are dozens of tried and true methods designed to calm you down — counting sheep, meditating,...

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sleep artist

This Sleep Artist Is Creating “Self-Portraits” From Brain Waves

When we think about sleep, it’s not always a pretty picture. We have a bedtime routine, set an alarm, pop in our retainers, and get the job done — it’s a nitty gritty process that we’ve done forever, so it’s...

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Trump vs. Hillary: How the Presidential Candidates Sleep

These past few months, Americans have put their two presidential nominees to the test, forced to duke it out and prove they’re fit to lead the country. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have debated on virtually every possible issue —...

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Tough Questions: Building a Wearable that Works

Rythm is lucky enough to have a number of brilliant employees — if we do say so ourselves. We’re hardworking, innovative, and best of all, we’re always learning. So we thought we’d put all this collective knowledge to the test....

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What These Movies Got Wrong (and Right) About the Brain

Besides eating, drinking, or driving, it’s rare that the movies we watch focus on the everyday mundanities of life. For the sake of entertainment value, they prefer to focus on alien invasions, dramatic romances, and magic tricks — can’t say...

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The link between Dreem users & Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven might not have had a smartphone, FitBit or Snapchat back in the 18th Century, but did you know the famous (and famously deaf) composer utilized the same technology that we use to help you get some good...

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How People Sleep Around the World

No matter who and where you ask, sleep habits rarely look the same country to country. Since the beginning of time, daily rest periods have been an essential piece of life as humans. Back in the paleo-days, our ancestors slept...

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Your Brain on Deep Sleep

Your average bedtime routine probably looks something like this: brush your teeth; read a book or spend time on your smartphone; set your alarm; and finally, pass out. Then you wake up, tackle the day, and do it all over...

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How Pink noise helps you sleep

Here’s the Secret Behind How Sound Helps You Sleep. It’s a strange phenomenon if you think about it long enough — why the static of a muted TV or the buzz of a radio station out of range is actually...

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Tough questions with Mathieu

Tough Questions with Mathieu

Mathieu Galtier, Head of Algorithms and Research. Why is it definitely not always easy working at a startup. There’s the long hours spent at the office, making things just perfect for the next day; the creativity and commitment it takes...

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