How does Dreem improve your sleep

How does Dreem improve your sleep?

We’re pretty sure your first question about Dreem is, well, “How does it help me sleep?” First, it’s important to understand where we came from. Dreem is derived from the same EEG (electroencephalogram) technology used in sleep labs around the...

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Cédric Villani

In conversation with Cédric Villani

Pioneering mathematician, Fields medal recipient, and director of the Henri Poincare Institute - Cédric Villani was our guest at the Rythm offices in Paris. Our co-founder and CEO, Hugo Mercier and Cédric engaged in an hour long discussion, followed by...

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Four things you need to know about deep sleep

4 Things You Need to Know About Deep Sleep — and How to Get It

When we think of the mechanics of sleep, three letters often come to mind: REM. A staple of 1980s rock music (be honest, we all loved “Losing My Religion”) as well as an oft-quoted sleep standard, REM (or rapid eye...

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Tough questions with Samuel

Tough Questions with Samuel

Samuel Beaussier, Head of Embedded Systems. His unique perspective on Dreem, it's benefits and your sleeps' future. In case you haven’t heard — we’re building a headband that’s going to help you sleep better every night. It’s going to use...

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In Conversation with Karim Benchenane, Head Researcher, ESPCI – ParisTech

In this video, Karim Benchenane shares more about the role of sleep and brain oscillations in memory processes. Karim is a CNRS researcher and Head of the Team - Memory, Brain Oscillations and States - at ESPCI ParisTech. The team...

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In Conversation with Alain Destexhe, Research Director of Human Brain Project

In this video, Alain Destexhe shares his vision for neuroscience, his research projects, and his collaboration with Rythm. Alain is research director CNRS, member of the Integrative and Computational Neuroscience Unit (UNIC) and Director of the European Institute for Theoretical...

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In Conversation with Laurent Alexandre, Investor and Advisor at Rythm

Dr. Laurent Alexandre, our guide and investor, shares his perspective on the future of neurotechnology and on why he invested in Rythm. Laurent Alexandre is a French surgeon-urologist, entrepreneur, author and investor. Interested in the transhumanism intellectual movement and dislocation...

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Why Apple’s Push for Accuracy of Health Apps Is a Major Step in the Right Direction

This piece was originally published by The Huffington Post. It’s becoming increasingly easy to make a fitness and health tracking app these days. Don’t get me wrong — a killer mobile experience is a feat now that mobile users have...

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Use Your Brain. Ditch Your Fitness Tracker.

This piece was originally published by The Huffington Post. If you’re at all interested in your health, it’s likely you’ve joined the 20 percent of Americans who’ve incorporated fitness trackers into their daily ensemble. From monitoring steps and daily activity...

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