About us

Rythm was created with a vision that advanced technology can help us push the boundaries in how we understand our brain to improve and act on our everyday performance, deliver better health, and enhance our quality of life.

The brain is one of the most complex systems known to humankind. As we pursue various roads on a path that is fairly less traveled, we remain focused on creating everyday solutions that will eventually – enhance human potential.

With our first product Dreem, we’ve applied years of neuroscience research and merged it with advanced technology to create a sleep solution that syncs with your brain activity and improves overall quality of your sleep. For more information on Dreem, visit www.dreem.com

Based in Paris and San Francisco, Rythm has over 60 full-time team members, who are working in close collaboration with highly prestigious research institutes and hospitals of Europe and North America.


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Rythm Team

Hugo Mercier– Co-founder & CEO

Quentin Soulet de Brugière– Co-Founder & CSO

Pierre Emerich– Director of Engineering

Anant Sanchetee– VP of Marketing

Kaveh Mohamadabadi– Head of Electronics

Camille Kerbaul– Head of Mechanical Engineering

Camille Corman– Director of E-Commerce and Growth

Eleonore Fontaine– Head of Product Marketing

Jérôme Kalifa– CTO

Aurélien Charpier-Serre– HR Director

Mathieu Galtier– Head of Algorithms

Olivier Tranzer– Head of Software Applications

Samuel Beaussier– Head of Embedded Systems

Hsin-Yin Chiang– Head of Acquisition

Pierrick Arnal– Head of Clinical Research

Sabrina Capillon– Head of Finance

Investors and Mentors

Laurent Alexandre– Investor

Xavier Niel–Investor

Eric Setton– Mentor

Prof. Stéphane Charpier– Neuroscientist


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Support for dreem first

If you encounter problems with your account or have any questions about the Dreem First program, please visit our Support page.


To contact Rythm about job inquiries, please visit Job Opportunities or email us at jobs@rythm.co

Partnerships and Business Development Inquiries

To contact Rythm about partnerships, please email us at business@rythm.co

Press Inquiries

To contact Rythm about press inquiries, please email us at press@rythm.co

Research Inquiries

To contact Rythm about research inquiries, please email us at research@rythm.co

Addresses for Rythm

5 rue Scribe
75009 Paris, France

767 Bryant Street #205,
San Francisco, CA 94107, USA