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Sleep, finally.

Welcome to home Sleep Care. A drug-free, tailored solution that gives you the science-based methods and 24/7 support you need to finally understand how you sleep and how you can improve it.

Get started today

Get the sleep you need,
live your life the way you want

One headband, a world of solutions at the service of your sleep.

Take the stress out of sleep with a clear view of what’s really going on

Get the precision of a sleep center from the comfort of your bed. We collect billions of data points from your brain and body to track how long and how well you sleep, every night. All the personal insights you need to understand and improve your sleep.

Understand how you really sleep

And take action with a tailored plan that’s as unique as you are

Sleep isn’t one-size-fits-all, neither is the way you improve it. We provide you the very best tools to help you get there: A tailored plan of validated exercises, coaching, and support where and when you need it.

Improve your sleep with expert help

What about the results?

Faster falling asleep
Overall impact

of users fall asleep faster and more easily.

More precisely

less time falling asleep (Average for users who took over 30 minutes to fall asleep).

Less nocturnal awakenings
Overall impact

of users have less fragmented nights.

More precisely

less nocturnal awakenings on average.

*Data taken from users on completion of the Dreem coaching program.

Jocelyn - Dreemer since October 2019

“I live in a relatively remote area so a home clinic and a personal coach is pretty ideal for me. Everyday I get a sleep report, encouraging cards and an idea of how my sleep situation is evolving. When I have a question, I just asked the support team and I get an answer in under 24 hours...”

Maggie - Dreemer since May 2019

“Looking back I’m amazed at how long I just accepted my bad sleep. I felt tired pretty much all the time- I was having more and more difficulty finding my words, remembering stuff. It was actually my sister who bought Dreem for me. The whole thing from the sleep reports to the calls with a specialist…”

Myriam - Dreemer since 2018

“My sleep problems started around 35 years ago when I started working in restaurants… you go to sleep late, wake up early to get the kids ready for school. Around the same time, I had a family tragedy… and my sleep suffered. When I got my first sleep report from Dreem I was surprised to see how bad my sleep really was...”

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Shaping the future of sleep together

Everything we do at Dreem is backed by years of research, scientific validation and supported by a board of sleep science experts. We’re building a world where people are in control of their sleep. A community of Dreem users, the Adventurers, collaborate with experts from the world’s top institutions, pioneering research and redefining sleep for the future generations.

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Take care of your sleep, take care of yourself

Your Home Sleep Care starting from

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head sizes
Suits all sleep
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